Bunty walks the Stourport Circular

stourport walk 024I have been on a hop, this time around Stourport and I lost a shoe, and got prickles in my bum! The hop starts at Blackstone picnic park and I had to hop up a hill and go under a big bridge then into a little wood and through Burlish Top nature reserve. There were lots of blackberry bushes but they didn’t have any fruit on them, I was a little disappointed. I know if I had picked some my people mommy would have made me a pie. I didn’t meet any birds or dogs, it was very quiet. Then I had to hop right on the golf course, I was a little bit scared of all the balls, but my people daddy had told be before about walking on a golf course. You have to stay close to the edges and listen for a shout, if you hear FOUR you have to crouch down and make yourself as small as you can and cover your head with your arms, then if you do get hit by a ball it won’t hurt so much. Then I had to hop over a road and onto bridge number 9. The bridge goes over the canal and it’s very high up. I hopped onto the top to have a look over and there was a barge in the water, the man on the barge shouted up to be to be careful as it could get slippery on the top, I didn’t slip but I did lose my shoe. I hopped along the canal for a little while and met a family of ducks, some people were throwing bread to them but they weren’t eating any of it. I asked them if they felt poorly and they laugh and told me because the weather had been so nice lots of people had been to feed them and they were full up, and they would rather people came in the winter when there wasn’t much weed to eat. I decided to have a little rest and sat by the water, then I saw a piece of bread moving along very fast, when I looked closer lots of little fish were nibbling it, they told me they liked it when the ducks didn’t eat all of the bread because they could have it for their dinner. I saw some pretty little prickly flowers and climbed up to take a better look and this is where I got all prickles stuck to my fur, it took ever such a long time to get them all out.
I hopped along the canal a little further and came to a white bridge, it’s not on the map but I hopped across it and through the creaking gate into the old church yard of St Michael’s and All Angels. Some of the graves are so old all of the words on the stones have disappeared and some of the stones have fallen over, others have been covered with ivy. I saw a big black cat sitting on one of the graves and he told me he like it there because it was quiet and there were lots of mice to chase. The church is funny, the new church is in the center with parts of the old church around the outside. After I had had a hop around I went back onto the canal and hopped the rest of the way into Stourport. I stopped to look at the boats in the basin and had a ride in an helicopter on the fun fair, then it was time to get back on the path and start the hop back. First I hopped along the river and past the two camp sites, I saw sheep and cows in the field but they were all too far away to chat to. I was very tired by the time I had climbed the hill and hopped the last few yards back to the start.

When I got home and told mommy about my shoe she said she would make me all new clothes.

Keep hopping

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Burlish info
church info


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  1. 1

    Your hoppingimuss is very impressiveimuss!!!

    I is backimuss!!!!

    Maximus Spittimus x

  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    I am so please to see you back Maximus

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