Bunty goes to Plantasia

plantasiaa 012 Hello,
I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Plantasia and Maze world. I had to get two trains and a bus to get there, I knew the first train and the stops because I have used them before, but I was unsure about the other train and bus. My people mommy and brother told me just to ask the train conductor and the bus driver and they would help me, so that’s what I did. Plantasia is a lovely place full of exciting things to do, there’s a big pond with ducks and really big fish called carp which you can feed with special food you buy in the shop. It was really funny because the ducks wanted some to, and they just walked over the top of the fish to get some. I fed them at the end of my adventure before I came home.

First I went in the interactive centre, there were lots of buttons to push and things to play with, and they all told you about how things grow and why we need them to grow. There was a little film to watch and things to feel and smell.

Then I hopped to the mazes, the first maze was called the Antarctic labyrinth and was easy, then I hopped to the Japanese Trellis Maze, at the center is a lovely waterfall. Then I hopped around the Australian wooden pole Maze, I got a little lost in this one, I went around and around in circles for about 10 minutes and kept coming back to the same place, I thought someone was moving the walls when I wasn’t looking, but I found my way out in the end. Then it was into the African reed fence maze, in the middle was a big truck. There was a table and chairs too so I had a little rest and a snack and checked the map to see what I was going to do after the mazes. Next was the English hedge maze, there are three gardens and a hedgehog to find, I found the gardens but I didn’t find the hedgehog. It took me a long time. Then I hopped to the Canadian Maze, this one was very confusing but I did it in the end.

I then hopped around the lake and through the orchard where there were some lovely red apples and plums then passed the butterfly garden, but I didn’t see any butterflies and then passed the dragonfly pool to the tree-house and tree top walk. It was very high!

I then had a little hop though the woods to the woodland gallery where I had a little rest, it’s very pretty. It’s very quiet and there are wind-chimes hanging in the trees, but it wasn’t windy enough to make them sing.

Then I hopped to the farm to see the animals, first of all I went to see the big pigs, two were fast asleep, but one was not and he came over to talk to me. he asked me if I was enjoying myself and where I had come from and I told him I was and how far I had come. He shouted at the other pigs to wake up because I had come a long way, I don’t think they were very happy about being woke up. I then went to see the guinea pigs, ponies and donkey’s.  Then I went to meet Tom the goat, he told me he liked it when people scratch between his ears, so I gave him a scratch and a stroke, after he had said thank you he asked me if I could go and see the chickens and be nice to them as the cockerel had been pecking at them, I said I would, but first I went to see the sheep and alpacas and then to the chickens, and the cockerel had been picking at them, some of them had lost lot’s of feathers. So I had a little chat with them and they told me it didn’t hurt and their people put special purple cream on them to make it better.  I was getting tired so I hopped back to the bus stop and started the trip home.

Here are my photos

Keep hopping.

Plantasia info


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