Bunty goes to Devils Spittleful.

devils spillfull 105Hello, I have been on another adventure, this time to look at a rock made out of sandstone and to see what heathland looks like. First of all I had to hop through some woodland which looked very pretty with its autumn colours. The trees were losing their leaves and their fruit. The ground was covered with little apples, acorns and conkers still in their prickly shells. I hopped very quickley because I didn’t want to be hit on the head.  After I had hopped through the woodland I hopped across a field and under a bridge, I couldn’t find any signs and I wasn’t at all sure I was going the right way, then I met a horse who told me he couldn’t stop and chat but all I had to do was follow the path, so I did. Then I came to a field full of cows, I stopped to ask them the way. They asked me why I wanted to see the rock I told them it was because it had a funny name and they thought that was funny. One of the cows told me her name was Poppy and said there was a legend about the rock, (a legend is an old story). Poppy said that a very long time ago the Devil decided he would block up the River Severn and flood Bewdley, he took a big spade of sandstone and began to walk to the river, on the way he met an old man who was carrying a lot of old worn out shoes. The Devil asked the man how far it was to Bewdley, but the old man knew the Devil was up to no good so he said ‘well I have worn out all of these shoes walking from there.’ The Devil thought it was too far to walk so he dumped the sandstone where it is now, and that’s why it’s called the Devils spittleful. Poppy said that it was just a story and that some very clever people called archaeologists think it was an iron age or bronze age settlement. Poppy told me I could hop around the bottom of it, but not to climb it as it was unsafe. I thought that sounded like fun so I found the gate and went for a hop around the bottom. it is very big and very tall. I think the stone age bunnies must have had very strong legs, or could hop very high.

I hopped through the heathland which had lots of Heather in it, I think it must look very pretty in the summer. Then back to the start of my hop and then I hopped into Bewdley and to the station. I wanted to see the steam trains, but I had just missed one and the next one was a long wait, I went into the waiting room and looked at all the old photos of the station and the trains and even after that it was still a long wait so I hopped into the town and through the museum to the big pond.  All the fish were playing on the top and trying to catch the flies. One of the trees had on a woolly jumper, I have never seen a tree wearing a jumper before and I couldn’t find a board or sign anywhere to tell me why the tree would want to wear a jumper. Just as I was about to hop off a very fluffy cat who had been asleep on a bench looked up and called to me, she asked if I wanted to sit on the bench with her as it was the warmest spot in the garden, I thanked her and we had a chat about the fish in the pond. She told me her name was Sheba and that she liked to sit and look at the fish, when I asked her about the tree, she said she didn’t know why the tree had on a jumper, but people do the strangest of things.

By this time it was starting to get late, so I said goodbye and came home for a rest and a carrot.

Keep hopping

love Bunty

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