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Bunty makes a Wreath.


My people mommy is getting ready for Christmas, so I decided to help and make a wreath.

xma 004

I needed
A wire coat hanger
70 baubles

xma 005

First I had to make the hanger round, I had to use all my strength, it took me a long time to make it round, then I had to cut just under  the hanger bit  with wire cutters, wire cutters are special scissors that can cut wire.
xma 007

Then I threaded the baubles onto the wire until all the baubles were used up. The next bit was very hard, I had to cut off the rest of the hanger and then twist the ends together. This was very hard and it hurt my paws.  Next I threaded a ribbon through the top so that it could be hung up.xma 008

Do you like my wreath?

keep Hopping


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Bunty goes to Illuminate

lights show 017 Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time I hopped into Birmingham to see Illuminate. Lot’s of pretty things to do with light. First of all I hopped into the 360° igloo to see ‘Body in Motion 360° Panoramic Cinema Experience.’ I had to sit on the floor and the films were played on the walls, all the way around me. There were lot’s of little films of people running and dancing and a cartoon man crawling round and round. I think my favorite was being under the sea with fishes and a big octopus, the scariest was the bouncing balls, I kept thinking they were going to hit me.

Then I hopped to see Echolalia, a lady dances in front of some big lights and you  watch the shadows and lights, it was exciting. Also in the same place was a place were you could make some art of your own if you wanted. I went to have a play, I had to make a pattern on a plate, I made my pattern out of sweets. Then the lady at the table put my plate into a machine and I had to press a red button. The machine took a picture of my pattern then projected it onto the wall in a kaleidoscope pattern, my pattern will stay there going round and round with everyone else’s for everyone else to see.

Then I hopped behind the big curtain to see ‘The Lanterns of Terracotta Warriors exhibition.’ They were so big and very, very pretty, I hopped around and around in-between them for a long time because they were so pretty. I then hopped to see ‘Southside Faces by Andy McKeown’ Lot’s of faces projected onto a big wall, the faces looked funny because of all the lumpy bricks.  Because I had spent so long looking at the Warriors there was a big crowed at the ‘Flame Oz’ so I couldn’t see it, I was too tired to wait the hour and a quarter for the next show, so I hopped onto the train for home. I really enjoyed the pretty lights.



Keep hopping

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Bunty makes special stuffing

bunty 004Hello,
I have been cooking again, this time special stuffing. My people have this at special times like Christmas and Easter.

If you want to make some this is what you will need

A bottle of stout
500g pork sausage meat or sausages, its fun squeezing the sausage out of their skins.
A packet chestnuts
1 egg beaten
15 slices of bacon
3 tablespoons chopped dates
1 finely chopped onion
1 tablespoon chopped sage
1 apple peeled and grated
120g fresh white bread crumbs

First put some oil in a hot pan, then fry the onions be careful hot oil is dangerous, when the onions have gone soft add the sage and leave to cool.

bunty 005

bunty 006

I chopped up the dates with the big knife and pour some of the stout on them I had to be very careful because the stout bubbles over and it makes a mess, then I had to leave the dates to soak.
I then had to count out 15 chestnuts and put them somewhere safe, I can count to 15 so I didn’t need any help, then I  chopped up all the chestnuts that were left.

Then I had to drain the dates and save the stout. Next I had to mix the onions, apple, chopped chestnuts and dates with the sausage. I had to use my paws to squash it all together, it felt very funny. Then I had to squash the egg in the mix with the bread crumbs, I liked the way it squeezed through my paws.

I then had to pull a piece of sausage meat out  of the mix and roll it into a ball, stick on one of the whole chestnuts and roll in a piece of bacon. It was very hard to get the sausage to stay in the bacon, I put them in a dish and poured the stout over the top.

My people mommy then put them in the oven to cook. Gas 4 180°c for 25 minutes
bunty 010

mmmmm they were lovely.

Keep Hopping

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Bunty makes Quince and Apple Jam

bunty 002
I have been cooking. My people brothers friend gave him a bag of Quinces, so he decided to make jam with them and asked me if I wanted to make some too, I thought it sounded like fun so I said I would.

If you want to try you will need
1lb Quinces
1lb Apples
2lb Jam sugar
3/8 pint of water

bunty 003
First we had to put the jam jars in the oven to sterilise them, just like when I made the mincemeat. I had to peel and core the quines, they are very hard so I needed my people brother to help me, then he put them through the food processor to grate them up. Quines smell lovely, but you have to cook them before you can eat them as they are very hard to eat and make your mouth feel all dry. We then peeled and chopped up the apples, people brother told me we had to keep the cores and wrap them in a cloth to put in the pan. They have something called pectin which makes the jam set.

We put all the quinces,  apples, cores and water in a big pan and put in on to simmer.
bunty 007

The fruit went soft and it was time to put in the sugar and stir it up, we had to be very careful it was very hot. When the sugar melted we had to turn up the heat and boil the jam until it stared to set. Oh what a mess it made it kept jumping out of the pan and it was all over the cooker and the cupboards. My people mommy showed us how to test if the jam was ready by putting a little of the hot jam on a cold plate if it goes wrinkly when you push it it’s done. It was time to put the jam in the jars, we had to be very careful because everything was hot and if the jam touch us it would burn.
bunty 008

When the jars had cooled I made some labels.
bunty 009

Keep Hopping

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Bunty goes to Ashford

peaks 026 Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to the Peak District where I hopped a circular hop called Ashford and Monsal Head Trail. It took me a very long time because all the paths were very muddy and slippery and I was worried I would fall down one of the big holes. I started my hop at a place called Ashford and had to hop up a big hill past lots of little houses then I had to hop across some very muddy fields. In one of the fields there was a little house that was falling down, I don’t know if it was a farm house or a barn, but I couldn’t see anyone to ask so I hopped on across lots of fields and over lot’s of stiles until I came to a place called Little Longstone which is a village with lots of stone houses, it is very pretty. There is also an old chapel called Little Longstone Congregation chapel, so I went inside to have a look. It was only little and there was a notice that said weary travelers can take a rest and have a cup pf tea, just leave a donation, and on a table there was a kettle and cups with tea and sugar and milk. I thought that was very kind. I didn’t stay because I wasn’t tired but I did put some coins in the box, because it was nice of them to think about weary travelers.

Then I hopped onto Monsal Head, then I had to hop down a lot of very big steps, which made my little legs ache, then there was a steep narrow slope with lots of slippery stones, and I got very scared. Just then a dog came running up towards me and asked if I was OK, I told him I was scared of slipping and falling. He told me he used to be scared when his people daddy first made him walk down, but now he didn’t mind it at all. He told me to take my time and to just stop when I wasn’t sure and to look at where I was going to hop and I would soon be at the bottom. So that’s what I did, it was a long way down to the bottom and onto Monsal head viaduct and when I got to the bottom my little legs were all shaky. So I had a little rest and got the map out.

The map told me I had to take a path on the right which would take me down and under the viaduct to the next part of the walk, so I found the opening and started to hop down the slope and then it disappeared, the rain had washed the path away and I couldn’t see anyway round, so I had to hop back up and go down a very steep hill to get back on the trail. This part of the trail was flat, but muddy and pasted by a little weir, which was little a little waterfall, and Hobs House. Hobs House is a rock formation high on Fin Cop. Legend says it was the house of a giant who helped farmers, but legends are just story’s so I wasn’t scared.

Then it was another hard bit a 150 ft hop up a rocky hill and through a little gate, there should have been a path here, but it was just a hill of tree roots which I had to pick my way through, then I had to hop along a very narrow trail, as I was hopping along I heard a funny sound so I turned round and there were lots of big cows following me. I stop for them to pass and they stopped, so I hopped on a little further and they followed me again. I stopped again and told them they could go past, but they told me they couldn’t, they weren’t allowed to and they turned round and went back. I hopped a little further and came to the Magpie mine sough and old mill, it still had a waterwheel but it was all rusted up and wouldn’t work. Then it was a short hop back along fields and roads to Sheepwash bridge where I fed the ducks and told them all about my long hop. They told me a lot of the trails were being washed away by the rain and people walking on them. They thanked me for the bread and as I was very tired I went home for a nap.

Ashford info

little longstone info

Keep Hopping

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Bunty makes mincemeat

bunty 002 Hello,
Every year my people mommy make mincemeat for Christmas, this year she said I could make some too. If you would like to make some I will tell you how, but you must be very careful because you will need to use sharp knifes and grater, and big hot pans.


You will need

3lb Apples

1 pint of cider

1 orange and 1 lemon

2lb mixed dried fruit
1lb dark brown sugar

3 teaspoons mixed spice

Quarter pint of brandy

First I had to sterilize the jam jars. First I had to put on the oven on a low setting. then I had to wash and rise the jars and lids. Then put the jars and the lids into the oven. If the lids are plastic you have to soak them in boiling water. Next peel and core the apples and cut them into little pieces

bunty 003

 Put them into a big pan with the cider and the juice and zest of the orange and lemon. The zest is the coloured part of the skin, try not to get the white pith because it is very bitter, and be careful not to grate your paws.

bunty 004

Put it on the stove and bring to the boil, then boil for 10 minutes until the apples have gone all mushy, add the fruit, sugar and mixed spice. When the sugar has melted give it a stir and cook slowly for 20 minutes.

bunty 005

Take the pan off the heat and stir and leave to cool

bunty 006

Make labels, write what is in the jar and the date

bunty 007

When the mincemeat has cooled stir in the brandy. Then very carefully take the jars from the oven and spoon the mincemeat in, and put the lids on very quickly. When the jars have cooked stick on the labels.  Then you have to wait two weeks before you can use it.

bunty 008I am getting very good at waiting.

Love Bunty

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