Bunty goes to Ashford

peaks 026 Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to the Peak District where I hopped a circular hop called Ashford and Monsal Head Trail. It took me a very long time because all the paths were very muddy and slippery and I was worried I would fall down one of the big holes. I started my hop at a place called Ashford and had to hop up a big hill past lots of little houses then I had to hop across some very muddy fields. In one of the fields there was a little house that was falling down, I don’t know if it was a farm house or a barn, but I couldn’t see anyone to ask so I hopped on across lots of fields and over lot’s of stiles until I came to a place called Little Longstone which is a village with lots of stone houses, it is very pretty. There is also an old chapel called Little Longstone Congregation chapel, so I went inside to have a look. It was only little and there was a notice that said weary travelers can take a rest and have a cup pf tea, just leave a donation, and on a table there was a kettle and cups with tea and sugar and milk. I thought that was very kind. I didn’t stay because I wasn’t tired but I did put some coins in the box, because it was nice of them to think about weary travelers.

Then I hopped onto Monsal Head, then I had to hop down a lot of very big steps, which made my little legs ache, then there was a steep narrow slope with lots of slippery stones, and I got very scared. Just then a dog came running up towards me and asked if I was OK, I told him I was scared of slipping and falling. He told me he used to be scared when his people daddy first made him walk down, but now he didn’t mind it at all. He told me to take my time and to just stop when I wasn’t sure and to look at where I was going to hop and I would soon be at the bottom. So that’s what I did, it was a long way down to the bottom and onto Monsal head viaduct and when I got to the bottom my little legs were all shaky. So I had a little rest and got the map out.

The map told me I had to take a path on the right which would take me down and under the viaduct to the next part of the walk, so I found the opening and started to hop down the slope and then it disappeared, the rain had washed the path away and I couldn’t see anyway round, so I had to hop back up and go down a very steep hill to get back on the trail. This part of the trail was flat, but muddy and pasted by a little weir, which was little a little waterfall, and Hobs House. Hobs House is a rock formation high on Fin Cop. Legend says it was the house of a giant who helped farmers, but legends are just story’s so I wasn’t scared.

Then it was another hard bit a 150 ft hop up a rocky hill and through a little gate, there should have been a path here, but it was just a hill of tree roots which I had to pick my way through, then I had to hop along a very narrow trail, as I was hopping along I heard a funny sound so I turned round and there were lots of big cows following me. I stop for them to pass and they stopped, so I hopped on a little further and they followed me again. I stopped again and told them they could go past, but they told me they couldn’t, they weren’t allowed to and they turned round and went back. I hopped a little further and came to the Magpie mine sough and old mill, it still had a waterwheel but it was all rusted up and wouldn’t work. Then it was a short hop back along fields and roads to Sheepwash bridge where I fed the ducks and told them all about my long hop. They told me a lot of the trails were being washed away by the rain and people walking on them. They thanked me for the bread and as I was very tired I went home for a nap.

Ashford info

little longstone info

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