Bunty makes Quince and Apple Jam

bunty 002
I have been cooking. My people brothers friend gave him a bag of Quinces, so he decided to make jam with them and asked me if I wanted to make some too, I thought it sounded like fun so I said I would.

If you want to try you will need
1lb Quinces
1lb Apples
2lb Jam sugar
3/8 pint of water

bunty 003
First we had to put the jam jars in the oven to sterilise them, just like when I made the mincemeat. I had to peel and core the quines, they are very hard so I needed my people brother to help me, then he put them through the food processor to grate them up. Quines smell lovely, but you have to cook them before you can eat them as they are very hard to eat and make your mouth feel all dry. We then peeled and chopped up the apples, people brother told me we had to keep the cores and wrap them in a cloth to put in the pan. They have something called pectin which makes the jam set.

We put all the quinces,  apples, cores and water in a big pan and put in on to simmer.
bunty 007

The fruit went soft and it was time to put in the sugar and stir it up, we had to be very careful it was very hot. When the sugar melted we had to turn up the heat and boil the jam until it stared to set. Oh what a mess it made it kept jumping out of the pan and it was all over the cooker and the cupboards. My people mommy showed us how to test if the jam was ready by putting a little of the hot jam on a cold plate if it goes wrinkly when you push it it’s done. It was time to put the jam in the jars, we had to be very careful because everything was hot and if the jam touch us it would burn.
bunty 008

When the jars had cooled I made some labels.
bunty 009

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