Bunty goes to Illuminate

lights show 017 Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time I hopped into Birmingham to see Illuminate. Lot’s of pretty things to do with light. First of all I hopped into the 360° igloo to see ‘Body in Motion 360° Panoramic Cinema Experience.’ I had to sit on the floor and the films were played on the walls, all the way around me. There were lot’s of little films of people running and dancing and a cartoon man crawling round and round. I think my favorite was being under the sea with fishes and a big octopus, the scariest was the bouncing balls, I kept thinking they were going to hit me.

Then I hopped to see Echolalia, a lady dances in front of some big lights and you  watch the shadows and lights, it was exciting. Also in the same place was a place were you could make some art of your own if you wanted. I went to have a play, I had to make a pattern on a plate, I made my pattern out of sweets. Then the lady at the table put my plate into a machine and I had to press a red button. The machine took a picture of my pattern then projected it onto the wall in a kaleidoscope pattern, my pattern will stay there going round and round with everyone else’s for everyone else to see.

Then I hopped behind the big curtain to see ‘The Lanterns of Terracotta Warriors exhibition.’ They were so big and very, very pretty, I hopped around and around in-between them for a long time because they were so pretty. I then hopped to see ‘Southside Faces by Andy McKeown’ Lot’s of faces projected onto a big wall, the faces looked funny because of all the lumpy bricks.  Because I had spent so long looking at the Warriors there was a big crowed at the ‘Flame Oz’ so I couldn’t see it, I was too tired to wait the hour and a quarter for the next show, so I hopped onto the train for home. I really enjoyed the pretty lights.



Keep hopping

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