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Bunty Makes something nice.

bunty 007 Hello,
I wanted to do something nice for my people brother and I know he likes this chocolate. He calls it Christmas chocolate because my people mommy makes it at Christmas. So I decided to make some for him.

bunty 001 I needed chocolate, nuts and dried fruit

bunty 002First I had to break up the chocolate and put it in a bowl and put the bowl over a saucepan of hot water on the stove. You have to be very careful that the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

bunty 003While the chocolate was melting I had to put baking paper in a dish, it kept making me laugh because every time I put it in it popped out again.

bunty 004When the chocolate had melted I had to stir in the nuts and fruit.

bunty 005Then I had to pour all the chocolate into the dish and put it in the fridge

bunty 006When it was set I had to use the big knife to cut it up, you must be very careful when you use knifes


Keep hopping love Bunty



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Bunty Plays in the water at The warren

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Bunny goes to Hay-On-Wye and has a shoe stolen.

 hay on wye 015Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to Wales. In the field next to the van where I stayed were a flock of sheep, they told me about an old burial place called Arthur’s Stone; I thought it sounded exciting so I went to find it. It is very very old, even older than some of the graves I have looked at before. It wasn’t in a church yard because they didn’t bury people like that in the stone age, and it wasn’t like the other graves I have looked at. This one is called a tomb and there would have been a little passage to get in, the people were buried with their pots and axes and spears and large stones were placed on the top, it look a little bit like a funny little house, I think it would make a good home for little bunnies, I don’t think people would mind just as long as the bunnies behaved themselves.

The next day I did the circular hop from the site to Hay-on-Wye, first I had to hop along a very busy road then down a little path which had a little stream running along side; it was very pretty but very muddy. Then came a very long hop up a very long hill, my little legs were ever so tired when I got to the top. Hay-on-Wye is a little village full of book shops, it is the biggest place in the world for second-hand books, well that’s what the tea towel I read in a shop said. I had a little look around the shops, and then hopped down to the river. My people mommy had told me about a place called The Warren which is a big field at the end of a river walk, and at the end of the field is a beach. I had never heard of a beach in woodland, so I wanted to try to find it. After a long hop along the river I came to a field with two little horses in, I asked them if they knew where the Warren was and they told me I only had to follow the muddy path, they didn’t tell me to watch out for naughty dogs. I hopped down the path and had to be very careful to hop around the big muddy puddles, right at the bottom of the path was a big gate and right behind it The Warren. I hopped across it and looked at all the trees, a lot of them weren’t green they were yellow and gold, they looked very pretty. Then I found the beach, in the summertime people come and swim here. I would like to do that but it was far too cold to swim this time, so I just had a little play. As I hopped back into town I met a very naughty dog, he stole my shoe and ran away with it, naughty, naughty dog, they were my new ones. The hop back to the van went along the river, some of the path had washed away in the rain and I had to be very careful not to fall into the river because that was running very fast. I had to hop through fields of sheep too and it was very muddy by the gates, it was very hard trying to hop with only one shoe. One of the sheep asked me if I had lost my shoe in the river and when I told her about the dog she just nodded her head and said ‘yes some dogs are very naughty, sometimes they chase the sheep and can hurt them’. I don’t like naughty dogs. If you are a dog you mustn’t chase sheep or jump up and take things that are not yours that is very naughty.

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Keep Hopping love Bunty

Arthur’s Stone info

warren info

hay on wye info

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