Bunty Trims the Tree

xmas13 010 Hello,
Oh I have had so much fun, I have been helping my people brother to decorate the Kitchen Christmas Tree. It has lots of twinkley purple globes and stars and three fairies. It also has lots of little bells that go tinkle-tinkle when you tap them. I wasn’t very good at putting the globes on they kept falling on the floor, my little paws couldn’t hold the string. I had to climb up the tree to put some of the decorations on and it was very high, I wanted to sit on the top like the fairy but I don’t think the fairy would have liked it if I had because that is her place. We have two masks for the tree too, they have feather and shiny stuff called sequins, I put one on and my people mommy said she thought I was supposed to be dressing the tree not myself, and people brother thought it was funny. I did get into a mess with the glitter stringy stuff and my people brother had to lift me up to put it on the tree. It took us a long time to trim it but it looked lovely when we had finished.

Tonight I am going to dream about all the pretty things.


Keep Hopping love Bunty


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