Bunty goes to Delamere

cakes 003Hello,

I have been on another adventure, this time to Delamere Forest. I met lots of other bunnies on the site. They told me they live in the forest with all the other animals and come to the site at night time to eat the grass and the seeds that the birds have left. People feed the birds and sometimes lots of people feed them and the birds can’t eat it all, so the bunnies get a treat.

I went on a train into Chester which is a walled city (that means a very long time ago it had a big wall all the way around). People called Romans built it. Parts of the wall are still up and you can hop around them, so I did. There is also a park called Grosvenor Park, my people mommy and daddy told me about the friendly squirrels that live there, so I thought it would be nice to visit them. When I got to the park a lot of it was fenced off, a man told me that they were giving it a facelift, I didn’t understand that, I didn’t know parks had faces. I hopped around the outside of the fences and found a few squirrels, they told me a lot of their friends had gone to find somewhere else to live, so I gave them the nuts I had brought for them and hopped into town. I had a look around the shops I have never seen shops like them before. There were a lot of shops on the street and then another row on the top of them, I liked the Christmas lights and the man making dogs out of sand, and the men playing Christmas songs, I even had a little dance.

On another day I went for a hop in the forest and played in the leaves it was so much fun and then I hopped the Stick man trail, this was fun too. On the trail were hidden objects to find and little poems to read, lot’s of information about trees and stick men were hidden in the trees. There was also a pile of sticks to build with and you could pick up sticks and make a stick man of your own. I made one and left him in the forest so that he had some friends, do you think they have a party when everyone has gone home for their tea? I do. I think I will make some stick men for our garden.

Here are my photos

Keep Hopping love Bunty

Delamere info
Grosvenor Park info
Chester info


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