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Bunty goes to The National Memorial Arboretum

NM Arboretuim 008 Hello I have been on another adventure this time to the National Memorial Arboretum. The arboretum is like a big park  full of  little gardens and big stones with writing on, these are to help people remember all the people who helped in the wars and special brave people who worked for the police and fire brigade and lot’s of things like that.  A lot of the ground was under water because of all the rain we have had, and some of it had turned to  very slippery ice, so I couldn’t see everything. I hopped around the dryer ones and then got on the land train which just went straight through the water and over the ice which made me a little bit scared when it made crunching noises. When the train takes you round a man tells you all about what the different memorials are for and why they had been built, it was very interesting. The train didn’t go to all of the memorials because it can only go on the road and a lot of the memorials are on grass, I  think I will have to go back on a nice dry day so that I can see them all. In one of the little gardens there is a tree called ‘The Anne Frank’s Tree’ it was named after a young girl who hid in a secret room during the second world war, she  wrote a diary about what it was like in the war and when she was killed it was made into a book. The tree has all its flowers cut off just before her birthday to signify how she died before she had chance to bloom, (that means to show how she didn’t have the chance to grow-up).

There is also a big wall in the shape of a circle cut in half with a little cut in half circle inside. There are lots of names on the stones and these are the names of people who have died in the wars. If you stand on one side of the outside circle and whisper the sound travels round the circle and people in the other half can hear you. The man on the train  told me to look for the crack in the wall because it is a very special place. At 11 ‘o’ clock on the 11th of November the sun shines through the crack and lights up the brass wreath in the center of the two circles, I think that would be very exciting to see.

It was a very cold day and my little paws had gone numb, so I decided to go home and have a nice warm drink and a carrot.


Keep hopping love Bunty


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