Bunty doesn’t go to the Chainmakers Festival

b 001nHello,
I should have been on an adventure today, I should have been hopping to The Chainmakers Festival, but the weather is too bad. Even the weather lady on the news said to stay in because there was going to be thunder and lighting. It started this morning, I was very scared at first, it went very dark, just like nighttime, then there was a big flash of light and a big bang. I thought the sky was going to fall down, my people mommy laughed at that and said who did I think I was Chicken licken. I didn’t know what she meant so I found the story. I am not that silly. My people mommy told me that the storm was just the hot and cold air high in the sky meeting that was making all the noise and that the lighting was the electricity crashing about. She also told me that when she was little her granddad told her it was the coalman dropping the coal in heaven. I didn’t know what coalman meant and she told me that when she was little people had real fires in their homes. These were built up in a grates using paper, wood and coal then lit. The coal was delivered by the coalman with a lorry. I am not scared of storms anymore.
Then the rain started and it rained and rained then it got very noisy and bit lumps of white fell out of the sky, people mommy said this was hail, frozen lumps of rainwater. It was all very exciting. It did stop and I did think I would be able to go out but it started again so I thought I would find something else to do instead. So I have made some biscuits. I am just waiting for them to cook.

What do you do on rainy days?

Keep hopping love Bunty

Chainmakers info

Chicken Licken story


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