Bunty goes to the Lord Mayor’s show

russgar 006 Hello I have been on another adventure, this time to the lord mayor’s show in Birmingham. I went to the station and the ticket machine took so long to count my money and give me my ticket I missed the train, so I sat down to wait for the next one, then there was an announcement to say that the train would be late because some naughty people had made a disruption. That means they were playing up that’s very naughty, it’s not nice for the people on the train and it’s not nice to make people late. When I got to the show there were little stalls selling sweets, pretty jewelry, bags and other stuff. In a big tent they were people reading bits form Shakespeare but the tent was full and I couldn’t get in. Then it started get very hot and started to rain so I hopped into the council house to have a look at the craft fare. The council house is very big and very pretty. It has a big staircase and very pretty ceilings, it must take the people who live there a very long time to dust. The craft fare had lot’s of nice things, sweets and candles, jewelry and pretty cards and a lady knitting with very big fat pins, but it all cost such a lot of money. When I came out it was even hotter and I was feeling very tired, then I spotted a dragon. I have never met a dragon so I hopped over to say hello, I did feel silly he wasn’t real. He was made out of bits of metal and when a little boy turned a handle he blew out bubbles instead of fire. It started to rain again and was still very hot so I decided to get on the train and come home because my fur was getting very wet.

Keep Hopping Love Bunty

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