Bunty goes to Goodwood and the New Forest

goodwood 022 Hello I have been on another adventure,
this time to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. There were lot’s and lots of cars of all sorts. Some were very old and some were called racing cars and they made ever such a loud roaring noise when the engines were started up. I think I liked the hippy AA van the best, it was covered all over with flowers. There were lot’s of little stalls to look at and lot’s of places to have a little rest, which was just as well because it was a very big place to hop around. I looked at all of the cars and listen to the music I was getting tired so I went to the hotel. The hotel was called The Crown and it was in a village called Lyndhurst. I have never stayed in a hotel before, I had to hop up a lot of steps to get to my room as it was on the first floor. My room had a very big bed with very big pillows and a little bathroom just for me, there was a kettle with little packets of tea and coffee and biscuits. When I looked out of the window I could see into a shop that had lots of things to do with Alice in Wonderland. Then I found out that in the church is the grave of Alice Liddell, who was the little girl who Lewis Carroll wrote about when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, although the name on the grave says Mrs. Reginald Hargreaves, because that was Alice’s name when she grew up and got married. I decided it would be nice to go and see if I could find the grave and when I did I was quite surprise, it only had a little plaque on the floor, but the grave was covered in red and white roses. I like Alice in Wonderland because it has a white rabbit in it, just like me. But I don’t run everywhere saying I am late.

I went into the forest and found the ponies, they are very beautiful but you are not allowed to feed them so I couldn’t share my carrots with them. They can only eat what they find in the forest because other food makes them poorly. They were busy eating their tea and taking naps so I didn’t bother them.

On my way home I hopped to Mudeford and had a little hop on the beach and down the quay where all the little birds were playing in the lobster pots and making a noise. They told me they liked it in the pot because there were little bit’s of fish and bugs to eat and sometimes the people who ate in the cafes threw them bits to eat.

I also hopped to see Salisbury cathedral, which is very big. My people brother has a tile on the roof here with his name on. When he was little and he had been on holiday with my people mommy and daddy they visited this cathedral on the way home and the roof was being repaired. If people wanted they could buy a tile and engrave their names on it and it was put on the roof. So people mommy and daddy had one done for my people brother. I went to have a look at the Magna Carta which was written a very long time ago in 1215 by King John and it is still used today to help make the laws.
Then it was time to hop home

my photos

Keep Hopping
love Bunty

goodwood info
Crown info
church info
Salisbury cathedral


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