Bunty Goes on the Ferryman Trail

upper arley 004Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to a place called Upper Arley where I hopped the Ferryman Trail. It wasn’t a long hop only 4 miles. I started my hop in Eymore wood and hopped through the wood all the way to Arley Arboretum. I didn’t think I would have time to look around so I hopped through the grounds. I think I will go back on another day to look at the gardens. I then hopped to Arley church, I didn’t go in because people were in there and I didn’t want to interrupt. After a little hop down a road I came to Upper Arley and the old ferry crossing. Before the big bridge was built the only way you could cross the river was by ferry. The ferry was like a little raft and you walked onto it, paid a man and he pulled the ferry across. That sounds like so much fun. I hopped over the big bridge to take a look at the station, I was surprised to see it was their 1940’s day. A lot of the people were dressed up as soldiers and the steam trains were running. I then hopped back across the bridge to get back onto the trail, this part was along the river all the way to Trimpley Reservoir where the ducks were playing in the water. I stopped for a chat and told them about my hop. They told me they sometimes fly over to the station but they liked it in the reservoir the best. They asked me which was I was going and I told them, they asked if I was tired. I told them no and they said that was good because the hill was very steep, but first I had to cross the railway line. It’s like crossing the road you have to listen and look and hop quickly and sensibly across. I hopped across the line and then I heard the sound, I knew there was a train coming, so I waited well out of the way and as it came racing past I could feel the wind. It was very exciting. Then I had the long hop up the steep steep hill, my little paws and legs hurt so much that I decided it was time to go home for a nap.

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Keep Hopping Love Bunty

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