Bunty Goes to Arley Arboretum

Arley Arboretum 003Hello, I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Arley Arboretum. I paid my money to a nice man in a little shed and he gave me a map and showed me all the places on it that I might like. I started my hop on the Blue walk and hopped through very pretty trees, some of them were so big I could only just see the tops of them, they are hundreds of years old. That’s very old. There were also lot’s of very bright flowers all different colours and the bees were very busy. I asked one what they were doing and he told me they were busy collecting all the nectar to take back to the hive to make honey. I hopped a little further and came to the maze, I though it would be fun to go inside, I wasn’t scared of getting lost because I have been in mazes before, they are a lot of fun. I hopped round and round and found the middle, where there was a little fort to play on. I noticed on my hop there were little fairies hidden in the trees, I must have looked puzzled because a little boy told me it was a game children had to play. The children had a book with questions and puzzles in and they have to find all the fairies in the gardens, then they get a certificate. I then hopped along the Grove Coppice walk and up to take a look at the miniature arboretum. It’s not finished yet but I think it will be very nice when it is. After another hop I came to the Italian garden, it was so pretty, there were lots of red flowers and trees cut into shapes, a gardener told me this was called topiary and took a long time to learn to do. I might try to cut one of our trees into a shape. In the garden there was a big fountain, it looked lovely. A notice by the side of the fountain said that every few hours the main jets came on, it was a long time until the next big jet so I went on the red walk. The red walk was just as pretty as the blue walk but this time I had to find the well. I nearly missed it because it was hidden under some over growth. You have to creep under the over hanging growth and look though the gate, the gate is to stop visitors from falling it because it is very deep. I hopped and hopped until I came to the Peace Garden, it was very quiet and then I spotted some cages, when I hopped over two chickens came running over to me, they told me their names were Hattie and Cherry and it had been very quiet and they were bored so I stopped to chat. They told me that sometimes there were lots of children that stopped to talk to them but for some reason they hadn’t seen any on that day. I then heard a noise and Hattie told me to hurry because the noise was the fountain, I hopped very quickly back to the Italian garden to watch the fountain, it was wonderful. The water was shooting up so high into the sky and when the wind caught it, it sprayed all over me, I thought that was very funny.
My little paws had started to hurt, so I hopped home for a carrot and a nap.

Keep Hopping
Love Bunty

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