Bunty goes back to Pembridge

Pembridge 047 Hello,

I have been on another adventure this time I went back to Pembridge and stayed on the same site as last time.

I found Daisy Duck to say hello and we had a nice long chat, I told her all about the exciting things I have been doing and she told me about all the nice people that had been staying on the site.  She asked me what I was going to do on this trip and when I told her I wasn’t sure she told me about two very old church’s and a nice garden with something called follies in it. She also told me that the swans on the river had had babies.


I first hopped to Weobley to see the remains of the castle, all that is left in a big lump of earth covered with grass, I had a little hop around and then hopped to Sarnesfield to take a  hop around St. Mary’s church. It is very pretty and has a monument right by the gate, when I went inside the man who had been winding the clock  asked me to shut the door when I had finished because the birds fly in and can’t get out again. He also told me about a Robin who is in the church every morning, he sit on the chair by the door and fly’s out when the door is opened,  no one knows how he gets in. He must be a very clever Robin.

Then I hopped on to St. Jame’s in Kinnersley.  This is a very old church and has pretty paintings on the walls and ceilings, there are lots of monuments too. They are very old and some of them are falling apart, I think that is a shame, because once they are gone no one will be able to see them again.

After all that hopping I was tired so I went  for a nap.


The next day I hopped to Westonbury Mill Water gardens. I still wasn’t sure what  follies were I just hoped they weren’t scary.  I first had to hop over a little bridge made out of wood then a little way along a path and there was the first of the follies. A big tower with gargoyles on two of the sides, gargoyles are funny heads carved out of stone and were used to drain the water from roofs in olden times. On the side of the tower were little buckets and at the bottom a water wheel. The wheel turned and the little buckets when round and round, when they were at the top they empty the water into a big dish, then every now and then the gargoyles would shoot out water from their mouths.  It was very exciting trying to guess when it would happen again. Then I hopped over another little bridge and took a look at the other side of the tower, there was a little doorway and a seat and a very pretty picture painted on the wall, there was also a little hole in the roof and I could see a dove in her nest.

I then hopped around something called the Bowl Bed which was a little garden full of  very  pretty flowers, then I saw the next folly, a little house. It was called the Bottle Grotto and it was made out of bottles, I hopped inside and it made me feel all happy inside. The light was coming through all the coloured glass and reflecting in the little pool. I thought it was beautiful, I could have stayed there all day but there were lots of other things to see.

I hopped past the duck pond but I didn’t see any ducks and up to the African Summer House. It was nice and cool in there so I had a little rest before I hopped to the Wild Flower Meadow, there weren’t many flowers out but the bees and butterflies were still very busy. I hopped all the way around until I came to The Mound, this was another folly,  it had been made out of all the rubbish from the garden and had a little path going up it. I hopped right to the top and back down again, it was hard work.

Then I had to hop over another bridge and came to the Boulder Garden. Lots of very big plants and right in the middle a fountain made of boulders, it made a lovely splashing sound. I then hopped through lot’s of pretty trees until I came to another little bridge, this one was all blue and called the Monet bridge. I was very surprise when I got to the other side, there were chickens. They told me they had the run of the garden and liked to eat all the bugs from under the plants, I think it must be lovely to live in such an exciting garden.

I then hopped a little bit more and saw a lot of people standing and looking up. I hopped over and introduced myself to a dog who told me her name was Sandy. When I asked her what was going on Sandy told me everyone was waiting for the cuckoo clock and this was the last folly. The clock is run by water and we had to wait for the water to fill up some cans and then to move some wheels and other things I didn’t really understand and then the cuckoo popped out of a door at the top of the building and said CUCKOO CUCKOO. It made me and Sandy laugh. The last thing I looked at was the bog garden, that had very big plants in too.

I was very tired, so I went for a nap. Now I know that a folly is a building that has no real uses, but they are fun.


I went for a little hop around Leominster which is a very old market town. The road are little and twisty and you have to hop down little alleys to find the different shops. Some of the buildings have lovely paintings on the sides of them, because it was a Sunday the shops weren’t open so it didn’t take long to look around so  I hopped back to Pembridge and had a little hop along the river. I found a little hop along a track called The Village Green Conservation Area. I hopped along the little boardwalk path and looked at all the trees and read all the information boards, then I hopped of the boardwalk and around the path right to the end, where there was a little chair, so I had a little rest, then I watched the little fishes swimming in the river, this river is called Arrow.

I decided to see if I could see the new baby swans, so I crossed the road, remembering to look both ways first. You have to be careful when you are crossing roads. I looked over the bridge and there they were enjoying the sunshine, so I went down to have a chat. I told the mommy swan that my name was Bunty and that I thought her babies were very pretty and she told me her name was Misty and she and their daddy who was name Cloud were very proud of them. Just then Cloud started to hiss very loudly. Misty told me not to worry, cloud was just warning the dog who had run up to the edge of the river not to come to close, sometimes dogs chase the babies and scare them. Misty told me that Cloud is not to keen on children who run around screaming either, but he doesn’t mind if they are quiet and he likes them even more if they bring bread for them to eat, just as long as they don’t get too close to the babies. I hopped over to the shop and brought some bread for the babies, then say good-bye. I was very hungry and I wanted a carrot so I went back to the caravan.

Keep Hopping
Love Bunty


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