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Bunty Goes to Dorset

Weymouth 039 Hello I have been on another adventure this time to Weymouth, which is by the sea.

I didn’t really know what to do or see and then I meet Tom-Tom the cat. He lived in the village but spent most of his time on the campsite, he asked if he could spend the week sleeping in my awning, I told him he could and he told me about some very nice places to go to.

I first went for a little hop along the Lagoon, I couldn’t hop all the way round because it is very very big and it would have taken all of my holiday, so I just hopped a little way around to the boats and the jetty which the naughty storms have broken. There were lot’s of storms while I was there too, all of them in the nighttime, there was a great big thunder and lighting storm which kept me awake nearly all night, then another night lots and lots of rain and hail, then a very big wind which made the caravan rock, just like being on a boat. I thought I was going to fly away.

My next hop was to a place called Portland Bill. It was very exciting there, there is a great big light house and the waves are so big and come crashing over the rocks, I hopped as near to the edge as I could and got all wet. I thought it would be nice to do the hop around the point and it was. I saw the Obelisk and Pulpit Rock which used to be an arch, but the sea and storms have washed a lot of it away. There are also some Quarrymens’ shelters. The hop then goes up a big hill to the lookout station, and through some fields with horses and donkeys in. They didn’t want to chat as the storm had kept them awake all night too and they were very tired. Then the hop goes back to the coast path where there are lot’s of bits of cranes and thing left from the mining. The quarrymen used to cut big lumps of rock from cliffs so that people could build things. I liked Portland Bill so much I went back in the dark to see the lighthouse all lit up.


On another hop I went to see some of the seaside towns, I liked Lyme Regis, Bowleaze, and West Bay, the cliff in West bay was in a detective series that my people mommy and daddy used to watch on TV. It is very very big and very pretty, it looks all orange and red. Weymouth was nice too, there were lots of shops selling seaside things and arcades to play in. I did what was called the Georgian Trail but I got a bit confused. The map said to follow the red feet on the floor, but they had all gone so I just had to hop back and forth until I found all the places. I hopped along the beach and had a ride in the Sealife Tower, which goes up in the air I though I would be scared and that my tummy would go all funny, but it’s not scary at all and my tummy didn’t mind at all.  I had look at the sand sculptures, the people who make these are very clever, my sand castle don’t stand up but they can make great big statues out of sand. Then I met a big black bird, he told me his name was Gerr Off, well that’s what people called him when he tried to share their chips, then he laugh and said it was a joke. His name was Jack and he lived by the seaside and liked to hop up and down the front because there were always nice people who would feed him chips and ice-cream cone or bits of doughnut.

On another hop I went to see the White Horse of Osmington Hills, there are lot’s of stories about how and why it is there, I think whoever did it must have been very clever and worked very hard. Then I hopped onto Sandsfoot castle, it’s a ruin now but it still looks nice. You can hop inside it because some nice people who are called friends of Sandsfoot Castle have put boards in it, and there’s a little garden with a pond too. Although there weren’t any flowers to look at because it’s autumn now.

On another hop I went to play in Tout Quarry, it was OK to play in here it’s a special one. You mustn’t go and play in any Quarry because they can be very dangerous, but this one had been made safe. It had lots of big rocks and little pathway to hop around, and lot’s of sculptures and engravings to find, it was a real adventure. I climb rocks and big steps and went on to the coastal path to find more sculptures and pictures in the rocks and sat in the big stone chair.

All this hopping made me very tired so I thought it was time to come home and tell you all about it.
I have had to start another blog page for my new photos because I have filled up the old one, I am a very lucky bunny to have all these adventures.

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