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Bunty Goes to Beddgelert

beddgelert 042 Hello, I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Beddgelert which is in North Wales. I stayed in the forest in the Snowdonia national Park, it’s not a park with swings and things like that, it is a very big piece of land and all the towns and mountains and forest are all special and are looked after to make sure they are not spoilt. To get there I had to go through the mountains  they were very big and all covered with snow, they looked very pretty and cold.
I had my people mommy and daddy’s walking book but I didn’t do any of the walks because it rained and rained I thought I would be wash away and the wind blew and blew very hard. I didn’t know what to do with my time and then I met Sid the squirrel. I told him I had my book and he said he didn’t think it would be a good idea for my little legs as a lot of the paths were washed away and muddy and he thought the gales would blow me away too. I didn’t understand what gale was, so Sid told me that is what a very strong wind was all.So this holiday I learnt that the hard winds were called gales. Sid told me of some nice places to visit and then apologized that he couldn’t stay and chat longer because he had to get back to finding food to store for the winter.


I hopped to lots of places with funny names but I didn’t take a lot of pictures or stay very long in some of them because the gales and rain were just too hard for my little legs.

I hopped to Ffestiniog which has a lovely little railway station but I didn’t see any steam trains it also as an harbor with lots of boats, then I had a hop to Bangor. Bangor has a very long pier and big pretty gates which had Christmas lights on them. It made them look all sparkly against the dark sky. Even though it was windy and raining a little bit, I wanted to go on the pier.  I thought I would be OK if I  hop just a little way but I hopped all the way to the end, it was very windy and sometimes I hopped and sometimes I hopped very quickly because the naughty wind pushed me along. All the wind made me very tired so I hopped back to the caravan for a nap.


My next hop was to Upper Harlech, it has lots of pretty houses and little streets and a big castle, I like castles, so I hopped to take a look. The nice man in the kiosk told me not to go onto the battlements and too take care if I hopped around the outside of the castle because of the strong winds. It was really windy, I nearly lost my hat! It isn’t a full castle, it’s a ruin but you can still see where the rooms were and I had a little hop around them and found the dinosaur eggs. They are not really dinosaur eggs, they are big balls of stone that the soldiers threw at the people they were fighting with.


Every night before I went to bed I hopped to Black Rock Sands and watched the sea and the pretty clouds, sometimes there were dogs on the beach running up and down playing with their balls and sticks. They told me they liked the beach because it was very big and they could run wherever they wanted.


Soon it was time to hop home and even though I didn’t get to see a lot I still had a lovely holiday.


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