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Bunty Goes to Torbay

Torquay 011 Hello I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Torbay. Torbay is made up of lots of little places and I visited some of them.

I stayed in a place called Torquay which is very pretty and has lots of shops, but most of my adventures took place in other places.

I hopped to Paignton and hopped along the beach but it was very windy and very cold, so I didn’t go for a paddle. All the people were talking about how cold it was and one man even told me he had to scrape the icy from his car and he had never done that before and he had lived there 14 years. I didn’t think it was that cold, I don’t think they get bad winters normally. The man asked if I had been to the harbour and when I said I hadn’t he told me which way it was. I am glad he told me as there were lots of big boats to look at, some of them were very posh. When it got dark it looked even prettier, all the shops had lights and there were lights all along the sea front and the pier, I was so excited I hopped very quickly up the pier right to the end and nearly got blown away. I was very tired after my big day so I hopped off to bed.

My next hop was to Brixham where I met Sally, she was pecking the bits of fish and chips from the floor by the harbour, she too told me how cold it was and how hard it had been to find food, because the ground was so hard and not many visitors came in the winter so there wasn’t as much food dropped onto the floor. I told her my people left food out for the birds, squirrels and hedgehogs at home, she should come and live in our garden. She laughed and said she would miss the sea. I then went to Smugglers and Pirates which was fun even though I did get a little bit scared. First I had to walk through a door into a room where the reverend was projected onto a wall he told me I was going to be a smuggler and I had to look out for the big gold coins and count them up. Then I went into a room with a fire and found one of the gold coins, over the fire was a picture of a ship and it came to life, then Anna told me all about her husband Jack who was a smuggler, then the picture on the wall came to life and it was Jack he told me we had to be quick because the customs men were coming and I had to hide in the secret tunnel. I found some more coins there. Then I hopped a little further along and found the wreck of the Neptune, Jacks ship. Jack told me how he went smuggling and the ship got caught in a storm and how Anna and all the other woman in the village had to burn everything they had to guide the men in the water home. I think they must have been very brave even though they were very naughty people, smuggling is naughty. I then hopped into another room this was a church and the reverend asked how many coins I had found, I had found eight. I was really happy when he said I had found them all. I was a bit hungry so I went for a snack in a place called Breakwater, I sat up stairs so that I could see the sea, the nice lady who brought me my carrot told me that in the summer the seals come to play just under the windows, but there weren’t any seals on the day I went because it was too cold.


For my next adventure I hopped onto the coastal train to Exeter, this was very exciting the train runs right by the side of the sea last year the sea washed some of the rail lines away and the people had to work very hard to make it all better. I am glad they did because I had a lovely ride on the train. When I got into Exeter I hopped the city wall, it’s not as pretty as Chester and there’s not so much wall either but it was still a nice hop. I then came to the Cathedral, oooh it is very big and very very pretty. It has lots of lovely carvings inside and a door with a hole cut in the bottom which was cut in there between 1598 and 1621 so that the bishop’s cat could get in to catch the mice. There is also the Bishops throne which is 56 feet tall. I couldn’t see the top. It was a long hop around the wall and the cathedral, so I hopped back onto the train to go for a nap.

My next adventure was in Dawlish the home of the Black swan, I didn’t understand what that meant, I thought swans were white, I had only ever met white swans before. In the middle of the street in Dawlish there is a river that runs to the sea, it’s very pretty. People have built a little garden around it so you can walk along and there are little lights too, it must look very pretty when it is dark. I hopped up the side of the river until I came to a bridge, in the middle of the river just by the bridge was a little island and there in the middle was a black swan sitting on a nest, another black swan was picking bits of twigs out off the water. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was looking for soft twigs for the nest. Just then his wife swam over and told me that soon she would be laying eggs and having her babies and she wanted the nest to be nice and warm for them. I told them I hoped they had lots of babies and that they were well behaved then I went to look at the sea, it was very windy and I got very cold so I decided to go to Dartmouth. Someone had told me I could get a ferry over the sea, I thought that would be fun, so I hopped onto that.

Darmouth has a big park but it was much to cold and it had started to rain to have a look around it, so I hopped to the fort. There’s not a lot left of the fort but it was still fun to have a look through the windows straight down into the sea.

Before I came home I went to Tiegnmouth for one last look at the sea and I am very glad that I did, it was crashing over the wall, it looked very frightening but lots of fun too.

Then it was time to stop my adventure, so I came home.

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