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Bunty goes on a bear hunt

DSCF6278 Hello I have been on another adventure, this time a bear hunt, but I didn’t hurt any bears, they weren’t real bears, they were made of wood. I went to a place called Bearwood, a very long time ago bears used to live there, but not anymore. I think it’s because there is just too much traffic now for them to be happy. The bear trail starts at a place called Lightwoods park and goes up and down some streets, then into Warley woods and back to the park. Lots of schools and people have painted the bears and put them in their gardens and in the parks.

I hopped all the way round but could only find 26 bears and there should have been 30, so I hopped around again, I still couldn’t find the others, I think they must have gone out for dinner, or someone had taken them for a walk.

It was a very nice hop and there were lot’s of dogs looking at the bears too, but we were all much to busy looking to have a chat.

My Photos are here if you want to see the bears.

Keep Hopping


bear trail info

Bearwood info

Warley woods info

Lightwoods park

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Bunty goes to Dartmouth

DSCF6212 Hello,

I have been on another adventure, this time to a place called Stoke Fleming. On the afternoon I arrived it was still warm and sunny so I thought I would hop to Blackpool Sands because it was only 2 and a bit miles there and 2 and a bit miles back. First of all I had to hop down a gully called the bird walk, I know why its call that. All the birds were singing making lots of noise, but it was very pretty noise. Then I had to hop down a very big hill and then down a woody trail, then I came to the beach, which wasn’t sand at all! It was all pebbles. It was still very nice, so I stayed a while and played on the beach, then started the hop back. In the woodland I met a snake, well I thought it was a snake. I hopped past him on the path and said good afternoon Mr. Snake and he laughed and laughed. Then he told me he wasn’t a snake he was a slow worm and is name was Sandy. We had a chat, I told him I was on my holidays and he told me he was enjoying the warm weather. He asked what I was going to spent all my time on the beach and I told him I wanted to see some castles, he told me that I should think about taking a thing called the Round Robin. I thanked him and carried on my hop, it was a lot harder hopping back because the hill was so steep, my little legs hurt so much. I needed a nap.

My next hop out was to a place called Slapton sands, where I saw the tank and the memorial. The tank  sank in the sea a very long time ago when solders were practicing for the war, it was called Operation Tiger, lots of people died, it is very sad, and the tank was raised in 1984 and left by the side of the sand, so that people can look at and remember all the people who died and think about not having any more fighting.

I thought the Round Robin sounded like a good adventure, first of all I got on a river boat at Dartmouth and sailed for 1 and a half hours all along the river looking at all the little villages along the way, we even saw a seal enjoying a sun bathe. The captain of the boat told us all about the area and the wildlife that lived on the river, he also made lots of funny jokes.  I got off the boat at Totnes after I had had a little look around the shops I got on an vintage (that means very old) bus for a 25 minute ride to  Paignton, then I hopped onto a steam train for the 30 minute ride to Kingwear. I up graded my train ticket so that I could ride in the Devon Belle Observation coach, it had great big windows so you could see lots and lots of things out of the windows. and there are only two of them left in the whole wide world. I loved the sound of the train going over the rails it makes a lovely chug-chug sound.  I was very surprised and happy when I was given a certificate to say I had ridden in the coach. I got off the train at Kingswear and then had to get on a foot ferry back to Dartmouth. It was all very exciting and took all day.

Another day I hopped the coastal path from Stoke Fleming to Dartmouth, I had to hop through a field of cows with their babies, at first I don’t think they liked me going into their field, but I told them I was just hopping the path and I thought their babies were very handsome. I think they liked that because they said I could go along the path and asked if I could make sure the gate was shut after me. Some people don’t shut the gates and that means the babies can get out or naughty animals can get in. I hopped a long way and then I came into Dartmouth where I went for a look around the castle and church. There were lots of things to look at and big cannons. After I had had a little rest I went to the museum and looked at Newcome’s engine. Newcome must have been a very clever man to think how to build this engine, I could never think of anything like that. On the same evening I thought it would be nice to look at Start Point lighthouse, it was a very long hop down the drive and the light house was shut up behind a big gate, not at all like Portland Bill lighthouse.

The next day the clouds were very dark and it rained and rained so I went for a ride on the Babbacombe Cliff Railway. It was built in 1926, that makes it quite old, but it’s very safe, even though it is very old. The rain stopped so I hopped to Brixham and hopped the Breakwater pier to the lighthouse. Next I went up onto the moors and met a pony, she was playing at running up and down, it looked like fun so I joined in with her game. She ran and I hopped up and down, we jumped and chased each other until I was very tired. She then showed me the face in the rock, he looked very grumpy. It was getting late, pony said she had to go back to the other ponies because it was safer at night to be with the others, we said good bye and she went home and I went back to the caravan for a carrot and a nap, that night I dreamed I was a pony running on the moors.

On my last day I hopped to Berry Pomeroy Castle, I took the audio tour so that I could learn about all of the history of the place and hear the stories about the ghosts, but I didn’t see any ghosts, perhaps they don’t come out in the daytime. I should have liked to have had a chat with one.

I was very tried after all the adventuring so I came home.

My Photos are here.

Keep hopping

love Bunty

Stoke Fleming info

Blackpool sands info

Slapton sands info

Slapton tank

Operation tiger

Round Robin info

Dartmouth Castle

Start Point Lighthouse info

Babbacombe cliff railway info

Berry Pomeroy info

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