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Bunty goes to Sutton Park

DSCF6295 Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to Sutton Park.

I haven’t been to Sutton Park in such a long time, the last time I went I only hopped the real paths, so this time I hopped the woodland paths. I hopped through some very pretty trees where I could hear all the birds but couldn’t see them. They must have been very high in the trees.

I hopped through lots of trees then came to the golf links where some cows were standings, I asked them if they were playing and they laughed and told me they liked to eat the grass. I said I thought this was a bit dangerous with all the golf balls flying around, they laughed again and told me that the golfers wait for them to move, or run up to them waving their arms about to make them move, they thought this was very funny. I think it must be funny too, to see the men running around waving their arms in the air. I said my good-byes and carried on my hop.

This time I hopped  through a field where I had to make sure to shut the gate because this was were the Exmoor ponies lived. I hopped through the field after I had made sure I had shut the gate really well,  but didn’t see any ponies at all, then right at the end I saw a great big herd of them, they were all very busy eating their lunch, so I hopped quietly by.  I soon came to Little Bracebridge Pool and as I was a little bit hot, I went for a little sit down when all of a sudden I heard a nay and right behind me were some ponies. They had come down to the water to play, I asked one of them what it was like to live in the park because I have only ever seen wild ponies on the moors and he told me he liked the park. They could run and play as much as they liked and they didn’t have to worry to much about cars and other wild animals, but they were still wild animals even though they lived in the park. He told me he liked to play in the pool when the weather was warm and then he went for a splash and asked me if I would like to join them. I was very hot, but the water looked very muddy, so I thanked him as said I hadn’t brought my towel, but maybe next time I would.



I hopped along some more little paths looking at the pretty trees and the pools until I was feeling tired then started to hop back to the car when I got another surprise. I could hear all the trees swishing and a funny thumpty thumpty sound and there through the trees I saw some cows, not a few cows but lots and lots, all following each other in a very long line, then right at the bottom of the trees they crossed the path, I was too far away to ask them where they were going, so I shouted bye and went on my hoppity hoppity  way.


I had a lovely day but was very tired, so I had an ice-cream with a chocolate in it and went home to bed.

Love Bunty

Keep Hopping


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