Bunty decides Not To go Out

Hello, I was going to go and have an adventure in the garden today before I wrote about my adventure in Pembridge, but my adventure was in the house watching the storm. It rained and rained, then there were big flashed of lightning and loud claps of thunder. I was a little bit scared but very excited at the same time. My people mommy told me that when she was little she used to be scared of the storms but now she loves a ‘really good storm.’ She told me that when she was little her grandad would tell her than the thunder was the coalman delivering the coal in heaven and the light was the angels looking for it with their flashlights. Then she explained that the coalman was a man that used to deliver coal for people to burn in their homes to keep warm because they didn’t have central heating. Coal looked like bricks and was dirty and dusty.

People mommy then explained that really the thunder was made when hot air hit cold air high up in the sky, Lightning is an electric current, bits of ice bump into each other as they move around in the clouds, this make  an electric charge. This fills the cloud up with electrical charges. The positive charges are at the top of the cloud and the negative charges at the bottom of the cloud. Then a positive charge  builds up on the ground underneath the cloud. The  electrical charge likes anything that sticks up, so  the lighting comes down out of the sky. It all sounds very complicated to me, I think I like her grandad’s story better.

Keep Hopping
Love Bunty

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