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Bunty Goes On A Book Hunt

DSC01500Hello, I have been on another adventure, this time to Birmingham. I like going to Birmingham because I get to ride on the train.
I went to see if I could find all the book benches on the book bench trail. They were dotted all over Birmingham, so it was a very big hop and I didn’t get to see them all, some people were sitting on some of them and I was too tired to go to the Jewellery Quarter.

I hopped off the train at Moor Street station and hopped straight to Waterstones which is a very big book shop, there were so many books I could have stayed there all day, but I had come to find the benches not look at books. I had to hop up and down all the floors until I found the first one which was called The Day The Crayons Quit it had big crayons drawn on it. The next one was called The Magical World of Reading and it was all dark colours with animals, I liked the lion.  I hopped to another floor and found We All Shine Together, that one had lot’s of little pictures in it, there was Cat in the Hat, Gruffalo, The Hobbit, Mr Men and lot’s of other ones. Then I found Animals in Children’s Literature, I couldn’t see the bench very well as teddy and bunny were resting on it and they were very tired and didn’t want to move, they had found all of the benches and told me it was a lot of hopping.  I couldn’t find The Marvel-ous Comic Bookbench.

I then hopped to Millennium Point which is a great big museum, I have never been inside the museum I have only ever been in the open part, I must try and visit it. There were 11 benches here and when I had looked at them I had to hop to The Custard Factory and Zellig. I thought I could try custard at the factory, but they don’t make it there any more, it’s now all pretty shops and works of art. There were 11 benches here too.

The next stop was Grand Central where there was one by the food court, but people were sat on it so I couldn’t see it and  in a place called Foyles and two were in John Lewis. The first one Bad-End-Night was easy to find, but the second one Take a leaf out of our book took me ages to find. When I was just about to give up I spotted it hiding by some big beanbags and a fluffy rug.

Then I hopped to a place called the Mailbox to look for the BBC. I didn’t think they would be able to put a bench in a postbox because I have seen people put letters into a postbox and they are not very big. But the mailbox is a big building with shops in it. I found the BBC and looked at the benches and had a little hop around to look at all the other things in there, they had a dalek and the TARDIS.

Next it was a big hop to the Library, there are lot’s of floors so it took me a long time to find all of the benches. I had to use an exculater  which made me feel all funny, I thought it was going to eat me when I got to the top, but it didn’t. The last place I hopped to was the Museum where I had to find 24 benches.

I felt very tired by the time I found the last one, I had been hopping from 9.30 until 4. So I hopped back onto the train and came home.

Keep hopping

Love Bunty


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