Bunty goes to Sutton Park

DSCF6295 Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to Sutton Park.

I haven’t been to Sutton Park in such a long time, the last time I went I only hopped the real paths, so this time I hopped the woodland paths. I hopped through some very pretty trees where I could hear all the birds but couldn’t see them. They must have been very high in the trees.

I hopped through lots of trees then came to the golf links where some cows were standings, I asked them if they were playing and they laughed and told me they liked to eat the grass. I said I thought this was a bit dangerous with all the golf balls flying around, they laughed again and told me that the golfers wait for them to move, or run up to them waving their arms about to make them move, they thought this was very funny. I think it must be funny too, to see the men running around waving their arms in the air. I said my good-byes and carried on my hop.

This time I hopped  through a field where I had to make sure to shut the gate because this was were the Exmoor ponies lived. I hopped through the field after I had made sure I had shut the gate really well,  but didn’t see any ponies at all, then right at the end I saw a great big herd of them, they were all very busy eating their lunch, so I hopped quietly by.  I soon came to Little Bracebridge Pool and as I was a little bit hot, I went for a little sit down when all of a sudden I heard a nay and right behind me were some ponies. They had come down to the water to play, I asked one of them what it was like to live in the park because I have only ever seen wild ponies on the moors and he told me he liked the park. They could run and play as much as they liked and they didn’t have to worry to much about cars and other wild animals, but they were still wild animals even though they lived in the park. He told me he liked to play in the pool when the weather was warm and then he went for a splash and asked me if I would like to join them. I was very hot, but the water looked very muddy, so I thanked him as said I hadn’t brought my towel, but maybe next time I would.



I hopped along some more little paths looking at the pretty trees and the pools until I was feeling tired then started to hop back to the car when I got another surprise. I could hear all the trees swishing and a funny thumpty thumpty sound and there through the trees I saw some cows, not a few cows but lots and lots, all following each other in a very long line, then right at the bottom of the trees they crossed the path, I was too far away to ask them where they were going, so I shouted bye and went on my hoppity hoppity  way.


I had a lovely day but was very tired, so I had an ice-cream with a chocolate in it and went home to bed.

Love Bunty

Keep Hopping


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Bunty goes on a bear hunt

DSCF6278 Hello I have been on another adventure, this time a bear hunt, but I didn’t hurt any bears, they weren’t real bears, they were made of wood. I went to a place called Bearwood, a very long time ago bears used to live there, but not anymore. I think it’s because there is just too much traffic now for them to be happy. The bear trail starts at a place called Lightwoods park and goes up and down some streets, then into Warley woods and back to the park. Lots of schools and people have painted the bears and put them in their gardens and in the parks.

I hopped all the way round but could only find 26 bears and there should have been 30, so I hopped around again, I still couldn’t find the others, I think they must have gone out for dinner, or someone had taken them for a walk.

It was a very nice hop and there were lot’s of dogs looking at the bears too, but we were all much to busy looking to have a chat.

My Photos are here if you want to see the bears.

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bear trail info

Bearwood info

Warley woods info

Lightwoods park

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Bunty goes to Dartmouth

DSCF6212 Hello,

I have been on another adventure, this time to a place called Stoke Fleming. On the afternoon I arrived it was still warm and sunny so I thought I would hop to Blackpool Sands because it was only 2 and a bit miles there and 2 and a bit miles back. First of all I had to hop down a gully called the bird walk, I know why its call that. All the birds were singing making lots of noise, but it was very pretty noise. Then I had to hop down a very big hill and then down a woody trail, then I came to the beach, which wasn’t sand at all! It was all pebbles. It was still very nice, so I stayed a while and played on the beach, then started the hop back. In the woodland I met a snake, well I thought it was a snake. I hopped past him on the path and said good afternoon Mr. Snake and he laughed and laughed. Then he told me he wasn’t a snake he was a slow worm and is name was Sandy. We had a chat, I told him I was on my holidays and he told me he was enjoying the warm weather. He asked what I was going to spent all my time on the beach and I told him I wanted to see some castles, he told me that I should think about taking a thing called the Round Robin. I thanked him and carried on my hop, it was a lot harder hopping back because the hill was so steep, my little legs hurt so much. I needed a nap.

My next hop out was to a place called Slapton sands, where I saw the tank and the memorial. The tank  sank in the sea a very long time ago when solders were practicing for the war, it was called Operation Tiger, lots of people died, it is very sad, and the tank was raised in 1984 and left by the side of the sand, so that people can look at and remember all the people who died and think about not having any more fighting.

I thought the Round Robin sounded like a good adventure, first of all I got on a river boat at Dartmouth and sailed for 1 and a half hours all along the river looking at all the little villages along the way, we even saw a seal enjoying a sun bathe. The captain of the boat told us all about the area and the wildlife that lived on the river, he also made lots of funny jokes.  I got off the boat at Totnes after I had had a little look around the shops I got on an vintage (that means very old) bus for a 25 minute ride to  Paignton, then I hopped onto a steam train for the 30 minute ride to Kingwear. I up graded my train ticket so that I could ride in the Devon Belle Observation coach, it had great big windows so you could see lots and lots of things out of the windows. and there are only two of them left in the whole wide world. I loved the sound of the train going over the rails it makes a lovely chug-chug sound.  I was very surprised and happy when I was given a certificate to say I had ridden in the coach. I got off the train at Kingswear and then had to get on a foot ferry back to Dartmouth. It was all very exciting and took all day.

Another day I hopped the coastal path from Stoke Fleming to Dartmouth, I had to hop through a field of cows with their babies, at first I don’t think they liked me going into their field, but I told them I was just hopping the path and I thought their babies were very handsome. I think they liked that because they said I could go along the path and asked if I could make sure the gate was shut after me. Some people don’t shut the gates and that means the babies can get out or naughty animals can get in. I hopped a long way and then I came into Dartmouth where I went for a look around the castle and church. There were lots of things to look at and big cannons. After I had had a little rest I went to the museum and looked at Newcome’s engine. Newcome must have been a very clever man to think how to build this engine, I could never think of anything like that. On the same evening I thought it would be nice to look at Start Point lighthouse, it was a very long hop down the drive and the light house was shut up behind a big gate, not at all like Portland Bill lighthouse.

The next day the clouds were very dark and it rained and rained so I went for a ride on the Babbacombe Cliff Railway. It was built in 1926, that makes it quite old, but it’s very safe, even though it is very old. The rain stopped so I hopped to Brixham and hopped the Breakwater pier to the lighthouse. Next I went up onto the moors and met a pony, she was playing at running up and down, it looked like fun so I joined in with her game. She ran and I hopped up and down, we jumped and chased each other until I was very tired. She then showed me the face in the rock, he looked very grumpy. It was getting late, pony said she had to go back to the other ponies because it was safer at night to be with the others, we said good bye and she went home and I went back to the caravan for a carrot and a nap, that night I dreamed I was a pony running on the moors.

On my last day I hopped to Berry Pomeroy Castle, I took the audio tour so that I could learn about all of the history of the place and hear the stories about the ghosts, but I didn’t see any ghosts, perhaps they don’t come out in the daytime. I should have liked to have had a chat with one.

I was very tried after all the adventuring so I came home.

My Photos are here.

Keep hopping

love Bunty

Stoke Fleming info

Blackpool sands info

Slapton sands info

Slapton tank

Operation tiger

Round Robin info

Dartmouth Castle

Start Point Lighthouse info

Babbacombe cliff railway info

Berry Pomeroy info

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Bunty Goes to Torbay

Torquay 011 Hello I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Torbay. Torbay is made up of lots of little places and I visited some of them.

I stayed in a place called Torquay which is very pretty and has lots of shops, but most of my adventures took place in other places.

I hopped to Paignton and hopped along the beach but it was very windy and very cold, so I didn’t go for a paddle. All the people were talking about how cold it was and one man even told me he had to scrape the icy from his car and he had never done that before and he had lived there 14 years. I didn’t think it was that cold, I don’t think they get bad winters normally. The man asked if I had been to the harbour and when I said I hadn’t he told me which way it was. I am glad he told me as there were lots of big boats to look at, some of them were very posh. When it got dark it looked even prettier, all the shops had lights and there were lights all along the sea front and the pier, I was so excited I hopped very quickly up the pier right to the end and nearly got blown away. I was very tired after my big day so I hopped off to bed.

My next hop was to Brixham where I met Sally, she was pecking the bits of fish and chips from the floor by the harbour, she too told me how cold it was and how hard it had been to find food, because the ground was so hard and not many visitors came in the winter so there wasn’t as much food dropped onto the floor. I told her my people left food out for the birds, squirrels and hedgehogs at home, she should come and live in our garden. She laughed and said she would miss the sea. I then went to Smugglers and Pirates which was fun even though I did get a little bit scared. First I had to walk through a door into a room where the reverend was projected onto a wall he told me I was going to be a smuggler and I had to look out for the big gold coins and count them up. Then I went into a room with a fire and found one of the gold coins, over the fire was a picture of a ship and it came to life, then Anna told me all about her husband Jack who was a smuggler, then the picture on the wall came to life and it was Jack he told me we had to be quick because the customs men were coming and I had to hide in the secret tunnel. I found some more coins there. Then I hopped a little further along and found the wreck of the Neptune, Jacks ship. Jack told me how he went smuggling and the ship got caught in a storm and how Anna and all the other woman in the village had to burn everything they had to guide the men in the water home. I think they must have been very brave even though they were very naughty people, smuggling is naughty. I then hopped into another room this was a church and the reverend asked how many coins I had found, I had found eight. I was really happy when he said I had found them all. I was a bit hungry so I went for a snack in a place called Breakwater, I sat up stairs so that I could see the sea, the nice lady who brought me my carrot told me that in the summer the seals come to play just under the windows, but there weren’t any seals on the day I went because it was too cold.


For my next adventure I hopped onto the coastal train to Exeter, this was very exciting the train runs right by the side of the sea last year the sea washed some of the rail lines away and the people had to work very hard to make it all better. I am glad they did because I had a lovely ride on the train. When I got into Exeter I hopped the city wall, it’s not as pretty as Chester and there’s not so much wall either but it was still a nice hop. I then came to the Cathedral, oooh it is very big and very very pretty. It has lots of lovely carvings inside and a door with a hole cut in the bottom which was cut in there between 1598 and 1621 so that the bishop’s cat could get in to catch the mice. There is also the Bishops throne which is 56 feet tall. I couldn’t see the top. It was a long hop around the wall and the cathedral, so I hopped back onto the train to go for a nap.

My next adventure was in Dawlish the home of the Black swan, I didn’t understand what that meant, I thought swans were white, I had only ever met white swans before. In the middle of the street in Dawlish there is a river that runs to the sea, it’s very pretty. People have built a little garden around it so you can walk along and there are little lights too, it must look very pretty when it is dark. I hopped up the side of the river until I came to a bridge, in the middle of the river just by the bridge was a little island and there in the middle was a black swan sitting on a nest, another black swan was picking bits of twigs out off the water. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was looking for soft twigs for the nest. Just then his wife swam over and told me that soon she would be laying eggs and having her babies and she wanted the nest to be nice and warm for them. I told them I hoped they had lots of babies and that they were well behaved then I went to look at the sea, it was very windy and I got very cold so I decided to go to Dartmouth. Someone had told me I could get a ferry over the sea, I thought that would be fun, so I hopped onto that.

Darmouth has a big park but it was much to cold and it had started to rain to have a look around it, so I hopped to the fort. There’s not a lot left of the fort but it was still fun to have a look through the windows straight down into the sea.

Before I came home I went to Tiegnmouth for one last look at the sea and I am very glad that I did, it was crashing over the wall, it looked very frightening but lots of fun too.

Then it was time to stop my adventure, so I came home.

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Exeter Cathedral

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Bunty Goes to Beddgelert

beddgelert 042 Hello, I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Beddgelert which is in North Wales. I stayed in the forest in the Snowdonia national Park, it’s not a park with swings and things like that, it is a very big piece of land and all the towns and mountains and forest are all special and are looked after to make sure they are not spoilt. To get there I had to go through the mountains  they were very big and all covered with snow, they looked very pretty and cold.
I had my people mommy and daddy’s walking book but I didn’t do any of the walks because it rained and rained I thought I would be wash away and the wind blew and blew very hard. I didn’t know what to do with my time and then I met Sid the squirrel. I told him I had my book and he said he didn’t think it would be a good idea for my little legs as a lot of the paths were washed away and muddy and he thought the gales would blow me away too. I didn’t understand what gale was, so Sid told me that is what a very strong wind was all.So this holiday I learnt that the hard winds were called gales. Sid told me of some nice places to visit and then apologized that he couldn’t stay and chat longer because he had to get back to finding food to store for the winter.


I hopped to lots of places with funny names but I didn’t take a lot of pictures or stay very long in some of them because the gales and rain were just too hard for my little legs.

I hopped to Ffestiniog which has a lovely little railway station but I didn’t see any steam trains it also as an harbor with lots of boats, then I had a hop to Bangor. Bangor has a very long pier and big pretty gates which had Christmas lights on them. It made them look all sparkly against the dark sky. Even though it was windy and raining a little bit, I wanted to go on the pier.  I thought I would be OK if I  hop just a little way but I hopped all the way to the end, it was very windy and sometimes I hopped and sometimes I hopped very quickly because the naughty wind pushed me along. All the wind made me very tired so I hopped back to the caravan for a nap.


My next hop was to Upper Harlech, it has lots of pretty houses and little streets and a big castle, I like castles, so I hopped to take a look. The nice man in the kiosk told me not to go onto the battlements and too take care if I hopped around the outside of the castle because of the strong winds. It was really windy, I nearly lost my hat! It isn’t a full castle, it’s a ruin but you can still see where the rooms were and I had a little hop around them and found the dinosaur eggs. They are not really dinosaur eggs, they are big balls of stone that the soldiers threw at the people they were fighting with.


Every night before I went to bed I hopped to Black Rock Sands and watched the sea and the pretty clouds, sometimes there were dogs on the beach running up and down playing with their balls and sticks. They told me they liked the beach because it was very big and they could run wherever they wanted.


Soon it was time to hop home and even though I didn’t get to see a lot I still had a lovely holiday.


Keep Hopping











Beddgelert info

snowdonia info

Ffestiniog info

Harlech castle

Black Rock Sands

Bangor info

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Bunty Goes to Dorset

Weymouth 039 Hello I have been on another adventure this time to Weymouth, which is by the sea.

I didn’t really know what to do or see and then I meet Tom-Tom the cat. He lived in the village but spent most of his time on the campsite, he asked if he could spend the week sleeping in my awning, I told him he could and he told me about some very nice places to go to.

I first went for a little hop along the Lagoon, I couldn’t hop all the way round because it is very very big and it would have taken all of my holiday, so I just hopped a little way around to the boats and the jetty which the naughty storms have broken. There were lot’s of storms while I was there too, all of them in the nighttime, there was a great big thunder and lighting storm which kept me awake nearly all night, then another night lots and lots of rain and hail, then a very big wind which made the caravan rock, just like being on a boat. I thought I was going to fly away.

My next hop was to a place called Portland Bill. It was very exciting there, there is a great big light house and the waves are so big and come crashing over the rocks, I hopped as near to the edge as I could and got all wet. I thought it would be nice to do the hop around the point and it was. I saw the Obelisk and Pulpit Rock which used to be an arch, but the sea and storms have washed a lot of it away. There are also some Quarrymens’ shelters. The hop then goes up a big hill to the lookout station, and through some fields with horses and donkeys in. They didn’t want to chat as the storm had kept them awake all night too and they were very tired. Then the hop goes back to the coast path where there are lot’s of bits of cranes and thing left from the mining. The quarrymen used to cut big lumps of rock from cliffs so that people could build things. I liked Portland Bill so much I went back in the dark to see the lighthouse all lit up.


On another hop I went to see some of the seaside towns, I liked Lyme Regis, Bowleaze, and West Bay, the cliff in West bay was in a detective series that my people mommy and daddy used to watch on TV. It is very very big and very pretty, it looks all orange and red. Weymouth was nice too, there were lots of shops selling seaside things and arcades to play in. I did what was called the Georgian Trail but I got a bit confused. The map said to follow the red feet on the floor, but they had all gone so I just had to hop back and forth until I found all the places. I hopped along the beach and had a ride in the Sealife Tower, which goes up in the air I though I would be scared and that my tummy would go all funny, but it’s not scary at all and my tummy didn’t mind at all.  I had look at the sand sculptures, the people who make these are very clever, my sand castle don’t stand up but they can make great big statues out of sand. Then I met a big black bird, he told me his name was Gerr Off, well that’s what people called him when he tried to share their chips, then he laugh and said it was a joke. His name was Jack and he lived by the seaside and liked to hop up and down the front because there were always nice people who would feed him chips and ice-cream cone or bits of doughnut.

On another hop I went to see the White Horse of Osmington Hills, there are lot’s of stories about how and why it is there, I think whoever did it must have been very clever and worked very hard. Then I hopped onto Sandsfoot castle, it’s a ruin now but it still looks nice. You can hop inside it because some nice people who are called friends of Sandsfoot Castle have put boards in it, and there’s a little garden with a pond too. Although there weren’t any flowers to look at because it’s autumn now.

On another hop I went to play in Tout Quarry, it was OK to play in here it’s a special one. You mustn’t go and play in any Quarry because they can be very dangerous, but this one had been made safe. It had lots of big rocks and little pathway to hop around, and lot’s of sculptures and engravings to find, it was a real adventure. I climb rocks and big steps and went on to the coastal path to find more sculptures and pictures in the rocks and sat in the big stone chair.

All this hopping made me very tired so I thought it was time to come home and tell you all about it.
I have had to start another blog page for my new photos because I have filled up the old one, I am a very lucky bunny to have all these adventures.

My Photos


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Love Bunty

portland bill info

Lyme Regis info

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West bay info

Weymouth info

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White horse info

Sandsfoot Castle

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Bunty goes to the Breacon beacons

Brecon Beacons 019 Hello, I have been on another adventure. I have been back to the Breacon Beacons to do some more waterfall hops.
Just outside where  the caravan was parked was  a little river so after I had unpacked my carrots I went for a hop across the stones. There an’t any fish in this river because its not really deep enough but some of the stones were very slippy but I didn’t fall in. I found some blackberries along the bank to have for my supper they were very nice.

On my first full day I thought it would be nice to hop along to see Neath Abbey, it is very old and all fallen down now, some of it had fences around it because the rain had made it unsafe, but that didn’t matter it was still very pretty. People called monks used to live in it a very very long time a ago and then it was sold to very rich people who turned it into their home. Then it was used as a place to smelt copper,  it has been a lot of things.  I learnt that smelt means to melt it,  I like to learn new things.
I then hopped to Port Talbot where I saw a big whale! He wasn’t real, he was made from concrete, and all the people children can play on him. Then it was time to see a waterfall, but this was an easy one to see. It was in a National trust museum called Aberdulais Falls Trail. The falls used to run a big waterwheel which helped to run the tin mine that used to be here, lots of people worked here. Some of them were only little children, I don’t think it would have been very nice. There are still bits of the old buildings and lots of things to read and look at, there’s even a little film to watch. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t hop right up to the waterfall like I have all the others.



My little paws hurt, so I went home for carrots and a nap.


The next day I hopped to do the Dinas Rock and Sgydau Sychrdy Falls and then the Powder Trail, all these are very close together. So I didn’t have to hop far to do them all, although it did take me a long time to find the start of the Sgydau Sychrdy trail because it wasn’t sign posted and the map wasn’t very good. When I had finished my hop I saw two other people looking at the map and looking very confused, so I went and asked them if they were looking for the trail to Sgydau Sychrdy and when they said yes I showed them where the trail started. They told me I was very kind. Dinas Rock is very big I could only just see the top, people climb up and down it, I think they must be very brave. The hop to Sgydau Sychrdy was easy and the falls were tucked away at the side of the rocks, but they were still very loud. The powder trail can be hopped two ways, the easy way is straight up the river and back again and the hard way is to go over the top of the big rock and down the steep steep other side. It was very steep. I was very tired so I went for a nap after I had looked at the full moon, my people mommy told me to lookout for the moon because it was called the harvest moon and not only was it a full moon but it was a supermoon too.

The next day I hopped to Melincourt falls, this fall is 80 foot tall and it is very very pretty, I stayed there for quite a long time because it was so pretty. Then for my last hop I hopped the Henrhyd falls and Nant Llech trail, this was a hard hop for my little legs, lots of hills and slippy paths. I hopped and hopped through the pretty trees until I came to the water falls, they are all very pretty, I only saw the last one from the bridge because when I was going to go down the slop Banjo the dogs came running up the path, saying ‘it wasn’t right he always had a little play in this part of the river everyday, it was his part of the river’. When I asked him why his people daddy wouldn’t let him play he said it was because his people daddy had told him there were people ‘skinny dipping’ in there. I didn’t understand what he meant and when he told me I thought they must be very brave people to want to swim in the very cold water with no clothes on.

Then it was time to come home and tell everyone about my adventure


Beacons info

Neath Abbey info

Port Talbot info

Aberdulais info

Dinas/Sgydau/powder trail info

Melincourt info

Henrhyd info

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