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Bunty Goes to Pentewan

I have been on another adventure, this time to a place called Pentewan in Cornwall. On the afternoon that I got there I hopped from the site into the village of Pentewan, I had to hop along St. Austell river where a lot of dogs were playing in the river, they didn’t want to stop and chat, they were having too much fun in the water. The river ran through a wood which was very pretty and I heard lots of birds but I couldn’t see any of them. When I got to the village I had a little look around, it is very pretty and has a little harbour, then I hopped to the beach which has some very big rocks all different colours, The sea was coming in so I couldn’t stay long, By the time I had hopped back through the woods I was very tired, so I had a carrot and went to bed.

My first full day was very busy, first of all I hopped to a beach called Hemmick beach to watch the big waves, they made a big roaring sound and big crashy bangy sounds as they hit the rocks. I was the only one on the beach, I had it all to myself, I hopped up and down and splashed in the sea.

Next I hopped along the St. Austell river again but this time the other way to St Austell. This time I had to hop along the river and through some woods and past a sewerage works which was very smelly. On this hop I met Spot the pig and The Girls who were chickens. First of all I talked to The Girls, that’s what they told me their names were when I asked them. They told me they lived in the big field with Spot and liked it there because they could watch the people walking past. Just then Spot came slowly walking up the field, Spot was a very big pig, I asked him if the chickens were really called The Girls and told me that when their people mommy came she called Spot and Girls so they must be. I wanted to go to the brewery where they make beer. I had to hop up a very big hill, and when I got there all the places on the tour had gone! So I just had a look at the museum, then hopped all the way back again.

Next I had a hop around a lovely little village called Mevagissey it has a lovely harbour with lots of boats. All the streets are really little and windy with lots of little shops, I brought my people brother a Cornish pasty with eyes, hee-hee it was very silly. I meet a cat called fluff who told me how she loved living by the sea and how sometimes the fishermen would give her bits of fish, then I hopped to another beach called Porthpean, I had this beach all to myself too. It had a little waterfall and lots of rock pools. I played at building fairy stacks and built one bigger than me.

On my way back to camp I hopped back to Pentewan beach to watch the army practicing with their landing ships, they are very big and it was very exciting, some of the ships had big ramps on the back and they dropped them down into the sea then big funny looking cars came out of the back, right into the sea! I enjoyed watching them, but it was only playing I don’t think I would like it if it was for real.

By this time I was very tired, so I hopped back for bed.

The next day I decided to hop to The Lost Gardens Of Hegelian, from the camp I had to hop up a very big hill to get there through lots of trees. The gardens are very big and made in lots of sections so first I went to look at the northern gardens, here I hopped around Flora’s garden, I looked at the mound which was just a big hill that you are not alone to hop on, the summer-house with its lovely little pool, the Crystal Grotto which wasn’t shiny at all, the wishing well, the flower garden but all the flowers were dying, the sundial garden with had a lovely big lawn, the Italian Garden had a pool too, my favorite was the vegetable garden, it had great big pumpkins and a very funny scarecrow. I then hopped on to see the hide, and the Emu’s and hopped down Sunken Lane which was very steep, it had warnings at the top telling you not to go down if you felt unwell, I felt fine so I hopped down and looked at the charcoal Klins, then I had to hop back up a hill to look at the Charcoal Sculpture. Next it was my favorite garden, the Jungle. It had a very big pool and lots of very big trees which I had to hop through then I had to hop over stepping-stones and go over the Burma rope bridge, I was a little bit scared because it was so high up and bouncy. I remembered what my people mommy had told me a long time ago, take a deep breath, think of something nice and just do it. Then feel very pleased with yourself that you have done something you never thought you would. I then went to look at the insect hotel, it was very nice with lots of places for the bugs to live. The last part of the garden was called the woodland sculptures, here I had to find three sculptures. The first one I hopped past and had to go back, it was the Grey Lady, she is made of twigs and very hard to see, the next is the Mud Maid, she looks like she is fast asleep, I didn’t want to wake her up so I was very quiet as I hopped passed, the last one was the Giant’s head, he looked very friendly. I learned about witches broom which is a little bush that grows around the middle of a tree, and botanist love this because they can grown lots of bonsai trees from them. Bonsai are little trees and botanists are people who know a lot about plants. I then hopped into Mevagissey to look at the boats and watch the seagulls playing. I was very tired as I had hopped about 7 miles and my paws were very hot, so I got on the bus back to camp and had a carrot.

The next day I hopped to St. Mawes, it has a harbour, there are a lot of harbours in Cornwall because there are a lot of fishermen, they must really like to eat fish, as I hopped along the seawall I met a gull who asked me what I had been doing and what I had seen while I had been in Cornwall I told him all the things I had seen and he told me that I should visit St. Just and look at the church yard as the guide books say it is the prettiest church yard in the whole of the UK. I thought I would take a look because I have seen lots of church yards. OH MY it is beautiful, it is very big and full of trees and plants, with pools and little waterfalls all around the graves and it is right by the river. The church is right in the middle and that is very pretty too, there’s also a well with holy water, I didn’t touch it because the sign said it wasn’t safe.

Then I hopped to Charles Town, there are lots of old tall ships here, the ones like pirates used in the olden days. I watched some people moving sacks and boxes and long pieces of rope around and I asked one of the white birds what was going on and he told me they were getting ready to film a TV program called Poldark. It was all very exciting, I wonder what it is like to be on TV and be famous. Then it was time for a carrot and bed.

The next day I hopped to the Minack Theatre, it was very tall. I felt like I was going to fall down when I was at the top. It was built by a lady called Rowena Cade and her gardener.
In 1929 some people put on a play called A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the garden and everyone enjoyed it so much that they wanted to do another one and they wanted to do The Tempest. That’s a play with the sea in it, Rowena thought it would be more fun to have the play by the sea, so she built the theatre into the rocks. She had to carry big bags of sand right from the bottom of the cliffs to the top and did nearly all of the digging and building herself even though she wasn’t young, I think she must have been a wonderful person. After that I hopped to Black Point to have a look at the lighthouse. You can’t get very near to it because it belongs to The National trust and it was closed, so I hopped back for a carrot.

On my last day I did a coastal hopped from Pentewan to Mevagissey. First I had to hop up a little hill, then down a big slope with  lot’s of slippery stones on on the path, then over a little bridge, then up the biggest hill, it just kept going up and up and up. My little legs went all wobbly. Then I had to hop up some wooden steps which wasn’t too bad, I then hopped through a field and then OH so many steps going down and down, then up and up. I had to stop for a little sit down and a look at the sea. I still had away to hop, so I started again, up another big hill then between some trees, I was just about to have another rest when I saw Mevagissey and deiced to hop on down the hill. When I got to the bottom I sat by the harbour and watched the seagulls diving for their supper, I wanted my supper, so I hopped back to camp.

Then it was time to come home.

Keep Hopping
Love Bunty

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