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Bunty Visits Pembridge Again

DSC01115 Hello, I have been on an adventure, I went back to Pembridge. I have been there before, so I went to see if Daisy duck still lived there and she did. She showed me her babies, she was very proud of them and they were lovely, but very tiny. Daisy told me that the geese and the swans had babies too. Gordon goose brought his babies over for me to see, they were very fluffy. They asked me what I wanted to do on this visit and I told them I want to see something and have a nice hop. Daisy told me to go to Hampton Court Castle and Gordon told me the hop from the village to Eardisland was a nice hop. I thanked them and went for a hop to the village before bed.

The next day I hopped to Hampton Court Castle, I paid for my ticket and had time for a quick look around a little part of the garden and some of the sculptures before I went for the tour of the castle. The guide was called Mike and he was very nice, he took us around the castle and the grounds, telling us all about the history of the castle and some funny stories. He told us it takes a lot of money to keep a castle so the people who had owned it a long time ago had sold lots of the furniture and pretty things until there was nothing left. In the 1970s someone brought it and decided to make it nice again,  most of it is not real, a brick wall is just paint and so are the very posh mahogany walls in another room , and the shields on the walls come from a film set. It still looked very nice.

When the tour had finished, I took out my map and decided to do the long river hop, I passed cows in a field but they were too far away to talk to and then I saw two partridges but they were too busy fighting to talk. I hopped along a grassy path and through buttercups then onto a dirt track, I could hear lots of birds but I couldn’t see any. When I had done the long river hop I decided to do the short river hop. The short hop took me closer to the river and I saw a little waterfall, at the end of this trail were some swings, so I had a little play.

I then hopped around the gardens which are very pretty, there are pools and lots of flowers with lots of very busy bees collecting the nectar to make honey. There was also a maze with a tower in the middle, I had a hop in the maze and found the tower, I hopped to the top and could see all over the gardens and the people trying to find their way around the maze. When I hopped back down I noticed more steps going down under the tower, so I hopped down them and they led to a dark tunnel. I hopped through the tunnel very slowly because I couldn’t see and came out in a sunken garden, which was lovely. There’s a little waterfall which you can squeeze behind, so I did, I got very wet but it was a very hot day so it didn’t matter. To get out of the garden I had to hop up some stepping stones which had water all around them, I though I might fall in but I didn’t.  I next hopped around the gardens again because they were so pretty.

The sky started to get very dark and little spots of rain started to fall so I thought I had better start back to the caravan, I was feeling tired anyway and I had been  there 6 hours.


The next day I decided to do the hop Gordon had told me about, so I hopped into the village down to the river and onto the trail.  I hopped along by the river for a little way and met a beautiful dragonfly who told me his name was Daniel, but everyone called him Dan. We had a chat about how lovely and warm the weather was, I told him I was on a hop to Eardisland. He told me he wasn’t going to Eardisland because he was afraid the baby swans would eat him if they got the chance. He was quite happy playing by this part of the river where there were only cows. We said good-bye and I hopped on.

I had to hop through a big field until I came to a little bridge with a gate at each end, I made sure I shut the gates because they are to stop the animals from getting out and hurting themselves.  I then had to hop through two very big corn fields which were very dry, so dry the earth was cracking, I thought I might fall down one of the cracks and get lost under ground, but I was just being silly.  I hopped and hopped and it was getting very hot, soon I came to a very big stile, so I hopped underneath it. I hopped through another field and back onto the riverside it was much cooler here, but it didn’t last long because then the trail led back into another field and the hot sunshine with its big fields of buttercup all bright yellow and shiny.

It wasn’t long before I came into Eardisland, so I hopped to see the swans and their babies. They were playing in the top half of the river so I had to look over the bridge to see them, they looked so cute.

It had been a long time since my last visit so I went to look at the church again and around the church yard. Part of the church yard has been left to get all over grown for the little animals to live in and for the bees and butterflies, but not dragonflies, because there isn’t any water and dragonflies like to fly over water. I then hopped down by the river to just sit and watch the river pass by and I found a weather cone, my people mommy told me that you can tell the weather with one, if it’s closed the weather will be wet, if it’s open the weather will be fine, the cone was wide open and the weather was very hot so it must be true.

I was very tired and thirsty so I hopped to Rita’s Tearoom and had a great big chocolate milkshake with ice-cream, that really cooled me down, ready for my big hop back to Pembridge  the caravan and bed

Keep Hopping

Love Bunty

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Pembridge trip

Pembridge trip

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Bunty goes to Pembridge

Pembridge 101 Hello, I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Pembridge, I stayed in the caravan on a little site that had a big pond with lot’s of ducks and swans and a very noisy goose. I met a very nice duck called Daisy, who told me I should visit some of the Black and White villages as they were very pretty. Pembridge is part of the Black and White Trail and is a mediaeval village, which means it is very old It has lots of very old houses which look like they are about to fall down, When I mentioned this to one of the ducks on site she laugh and said they have been standing there since the 15th century and they hadn’t fell down yet. It has a very old market hall which is just like a shed without any walls and that’s been there since 1239. There is a church which is very pretty, but the bells are not in the church they are in a little building next door to the church. You can go inside and have a look if you like. I did and when I was in there the bells struck the time, it was very loud.

I then hopped to another little village called Eardisland. I had a little hop along the river Arrow but it was very muddy so I didn’t hop far and went to have a look at the Millsteam and the dovecote. There’s a little shop in the bottom of the dovecote called a community shop which is Britain’s only general store in a dovecote and the local people take turns to open it up and serve in it, that sound like a lot of fun. I hopped upstairs to take a look at the local heritage centre, there were lot’s of things to do with the AA and the war. You can still see the little holes where the pigeons used to live, people used to encourage them to come and live in the dovecote because they used to eat them in a pie, it helped out in  wartime because there wasn’t a lot of food around. I then hopped to the Oldest AA telephone kiosk where there were more things to do with the AA. Next I hopped along some little lanes to take a look at the church and the Saxon Motte. The church has been there since the 13th century and was restored in 1864, (that means had work done on it because it was very old). It is pretty outside but I didn’t think it was very pretty inside.

I had a little hop around Weobley and a look at the church which is very big, but my little legs had started to get tired, so I hopped back to the van and had a chat with Daisy the duck. I told her all about my day, she asked me what I was going to do the next day and I said I wasn’t sure,  she told me I should go to the Small Breeds farm Park and Owl Centre.

The next day I took Daisy’s advice and went to see the animals, it was such fun. There are lot’s of owls from all around the world, a lot of them were awake and making lot’s of noise, in a cage in the middle of the owl garden were two red squirrels who were chasing each other around and around so fast I could hardly watch them. I tried to have a chat, but they were to busy playing.  There are three Owls that are not in the garden and you can stroke them, they are very friendly and like it when people pay them attention.

Next I looked at the donkeys, cows, miniature horses, pigs, baby goats, lot’s of other different goats and the pygmy goats who were having a great time running around and around and jumping on and of things. One was shouting look at me, look at me and jumping from a ledge onto a table, showing off a bit I think. He slipped and landed on his knees, then sat down and said I meant to do that, I don’t think he did really, it looked like it must have hurt. Then I hopped into a little room to look at the bunnies and guinea pigs. The bunnies were just about to take a nap and the guinea pigs were busy running around, I tried to have a chat but they told me they were far too busy to talk. I watched them for a while and all they seemed to be doing was running up and down. Perhaps they were busy doing exercise. I also saw chinchillas but they were asleep and chipmunks who were awake and wanted to chat. They told me that the high winds had brought a tree down which had crashed through the roof, none of the animals had been hurt but he and a few of his friends tried to get out to have an adventure, but the people who look after them soon rounded them up and put them back into their cage.  Then it was a hop around the pool to see all the waterfowl and a look at the pheasants, some of them were so pretty. I didn’t hop the woodland trail because it was very muddy, but next time I shall, I have to go back because I promised I would.

The next day it was time to come home, I had a lovely time and can’t wait to go back again.

Keep hopping love Bunty

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