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Bunty goes for a hop in the snow

I haven’t been on a adventure for such a long time, I have had bunny flu which made my ears and teeth hurt and even my little cotton tail was sore, but yesterday I felt much better and the snow was still on the ground so I thought a hop would do me good.

So I pulled on my boots and went to Kingsford Forest, I have hopped there before but I don’t think it was snowy then. I started my hop from the car park, although I don’t know why it’s called a car park as there are no swings or slides, perhaps cars don’t play when you are watching them. I hopped through the trees and met a little robin who had found some bread a big people had left for him. He told me he was finding it hard to find anything to eat in all this cold weather so he liked it when people left him food to eat and he always sang them a lovely song to say thank you, all of a sudden I felt a big plop on my head, it made me jump, the snow in the trees was starting the melt and was falling down just like rain. So I said bye-bye and went back to hopping. I hopped up a big hill and at the top I met two little dogs, all their fur was wet and stuck with snow, they were running around each other and chattering away. I could only just understand what they were saying, they told me they were cocker spaniel puppies and this was the first time they had been out in the snow and wasn’t it fun and I had to admit that yes it was fun, we played together for a while chasing each other around the trees, but I didn’t roll in the snow like they did. Then their mommy people called them and they asked me if I would play next week, but I told them I didn’t know if I would be able too, so we said good bye and I carried on hopping.
When I had hopped to the top of the hill, I could hear the people shooting down below, this always makes me a little scared but I do know they are only shooting birds and I am just being silly, but I do feel sorry for the little birds even if mommy does say pheasant is lovely to eat. From the top of the hill I could see for ever such a long way, some of the fields had lots of snow and some didn’t have much at all. I wasn’t tired so I hopped into Kinver Edge I didn’t go to the top of the hill because a big cloud was coming and I didn’t know if it was more snow or rain so I turned around and started to hop back the way I had just come. On the way back down I met another dog, she had a stick which was bigger than she was, she dropped it by me and lay down, I told her I didn’t think I would be able to throw it for her as it was too big, she laugh and said she wouldn’t have let me anyway. She liked to play a game where she dropped the stick and as soon as anyone tried to pick it up she would grab it and run away. Just then her brother came running up and nearly got the stick but she quickly picked it up and ran off laughing all the way down the hill with her brother chasing her. By the time I got home I was very tired so I had a carrot and went for a nap.

Keep hopping

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