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Bunty goes to Harvington Hall

I have been on a hop to Harvington Hall; Harvington Hall is a very old house with a little garden. First I hopped around the garden and said hello to the ducks that were having a little rest on the bank. They told me they were waiting for their dinner, some of the ducks must have thought they said dinner was here because all of a sudden they all started to quack and chase each other around. Then I went for a hop around the house, some of the rooms had pretend food and dead rabbits hanging from the ceiling, I didn’t like that bit! But it was to show you what the house would have been like when people lived there. In the house there were little hiding places, some people called them hides and other people call them priest holes. There were tiny little rooms hidden behind panels and in the roof for priest to hide in when the government came looking for them, because the government didn’t like the Catholic priests to take services and would chase them and then put them in jail or worse. I don’t think they were a very nice government.

There were some very old paintings on the walls too but they were hard to see, one was of a mermaid and some others were called Worthies, there are 11 Worthies and people had to pick 9 to have in their houses, I think they were pictures of very good people.

Then I had a hop around the old chapel which was used as a school too. There were a lot of steps to hop up and down and I was very tired, so I went home to tell my people all about the hop.


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Harvington Hall

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