Bunty Goes to Devon

dsc01706Hello I have been on another adventure, this time to Devon to a place called Combe Martin.

On my first day I decided to hop to Ilfracombe, it was very hard, there were lot’s of hills and slippery steps and the weather was very hot.

I hopped up a very steep hill and then along a road because the coastal path had fallen down, then I had to hop through a campsite. There weren’t any people on the site because it was closed, so I couldn’t find anyone to chat to. When I got back onto the coastal path I had to be very careful because it was so slippery, after a long hop I came to a very big steep set of steps, I hopped to the top and my little legs hurt so much, I was very pleased to see a rock to sit on, there was a people man and lady on there but they said they were just leaving, the people man told me there were seals playing in the sea. So I sat for a little while and watched the seals, they were too far away to talk to. When I felt better I started my hop again, down some very slippery steps and up a small path. Then I met Larry the llama, I don’t think it  was his name because the llama’s on the site I was staying at all told me their names were Larry too. He said I looked hot and I told him I had had a very long hop, he said I should shave off my fur! He had just had his fur shaved off and now he felt very cool, I think I would rather be hot. He was busy eating the grass and didn’t seem to interested he chatting so I hopped on. By the end I was very tired and all I wanted was a carrot and a sleep.

My next hop was to the beach at  Saunton, it is a very pretty beach and very big, I nearly got washed away by the sea! I then hopped on back to Ilfracombe to look at Verity, she is a very big lady, not a real lady. She is made of bronze and stainless steel. One side of her looks like a lady with a big tummy, but if you hop around the other side you can see inside her to bones and yucky things and the big tummy is a baby.  I then hopped back to have my carrot before bed.

My next hop was to Quince Honey Farm, this was so much fun, there were lot’s of bee hives to look at and lot and lots of bees. It had lots of information boards telling all about how the bees make the honey and what the people do with the honey after. I listen to a talk about bumble bees and one about bee hives and looked at all the creepy crawly animals. The bees were very busy and buzzing all the time, it sounded lovely.


My last hop was to Hartland Quay it is very pretty. I watched the sea for a long time as it crashed on the rocks, then I hopped into the musuem. The musuem had lots of pictures of ships that had been wrecked, and things that had come form the ships, and there were lots of stories to read. I felt really sorry for all the people who had been on the ships and had drown, but I did enjoy looking at all the things that had been brought up from the seabed.



This adventure has made me very tired so I think I will take a little rest now

Lots of love



Saunton Beach info

Combe Martin info

Quince Honey Farm info

Hartland Quay info

Ilfracombe info


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