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Bunty goes to Mablethorpe

mablethorpe 094Hello, I have been on another adventure this time to the seaside.

I went to a place called Mablethorpe. On my first afternoon there I had a lovely time building a sand fort and then playing in it and had a hop by the sea.

On my first full day I went for a very long hop along a path called a promenade it ran all the way along the beaches which meant I could do the hop and play on the beach. I hopped all the way from Mablethorpe to Sandilands. On the hop I saw some funny little houses right by the beaches they were all painted in bright colours and some had pictures painted on them. I asked a dog who was playing on the beach what they were and he told me that they were called beach huts and people who wanted to be by the beach but didn’t want to be on the beach used them to sit in and make cups of tea. He told me that some people used them to get changed in so that they could go and swim in the sea. It must be very nice to have a beach hut. I hopped off the promenade at Sandilands to have a look at the little park. It didn’t have things to play on but it did have a boat and a very pretty waterfall and fountain. I was starting to feel tired so I thought I would start the hop back. When I got back to the caravan I had hopped 10 whole miles. I had to have a carrot to recover.

Another day I went to Skegness and played in the penny arcades, I played on the machines called 2 penny waterfalls. I had to drop a 2 pence in a slot and it bounced down onto a shelf. A wall moved across and pushed the coins sometimes the coins fell down onto another shelf and they got pushed again. Sometimes the coins were pushed over the edge and fell out of the machine and I could keep these coins, but I didn’t I put them back in the machine because there were prizes in the machines too. I won a crown, a little rabbit, a handbag and a lizard.
Skegness has a natureland and seal sanctuary I thought it would be nice to go and see the animals so I hopped along to have a look. It’s not very big but it has seals and penguins, fish, lot’s of reptiles, butterflies and a few other animals. I met a very nice Iguana, call Spike who told me he liked living at the zoo because it was always warm and he didn’t have to worry about finding food. He asked me if I had seen Jolly the fisherman and I told him I hadn’t, he said to make sure I saw him before I went home and I had to try something called fish and chips.



The weather wasn’t very nice the next day so I hopped to a place called Cleethorpes but I didn’t like it I so hopped back to Skegness and played on the beach and because I hadn’t seen Jolly I went to find him. ¬†Jolly is a happy dancing fisherman and was first a picture on a poster to advertise Skegness and now there’s a statue of him in the town. I had my photo taken with him. I was feeling ¬†hunger and had forgotten my carrots so I went to a shop called a fish and chip shop and tried Fish and Chips with something called mushy peas, I thought they were very yummy.

I was very tired and my little paws hurt so I deiced it was time to come home.


Keep hopping love Bunty


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