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Bunty goes to Weston-Super-Mare


This time my adventure was at the seaside at a place called Weston-Super-Mare. Weston has a new pier because their old one burnt down, so my first hop was along the new pier. All along the middle there is a little tunnel that you can hop through I think it’s for when it is raining, it was raining but I didn’t hop down the tunnel. I wanted to hop outside and look at the sea, which is very, very big; it’s that big you can’t see the end of it. At the end of the pier there is a big building with lots of machines that you can play on and rides and even a race track, all of them had bright lights and were making lots of noise, it was all very pretty. After I had had a look around I hopped back into the town and hopped to Birnbeck pier. You can’t hop down Birnbeck pier because it is very old and dangerous, to get here I had to hop along a little path that went out into the sea, the sea was lapping over the path and it made my paws wet, I had great fun trying to hop over the big puddles. After that I hopped all the way to Uphill along the beach, it was a long hop but I met lot’s of friendly dogs along the way. One of them was name Billy and he told me he liked to play tricks on his people daddy. He told me to watch as his people daddy threw his ball into a big pool, Billy ran around to the other side of the pool and jumped in and swam backwards and forwards on the wrong side of the pool. His people daddy was calling and calling to him and pointing to the ball, but Billy just kept swimming on the wrong side. Then after a long time and lots of shouting from his daddy Billy look at me and grinned then swam to the ball and took it back to his daddy, his daddy said ‘Billy you are thick’ and Billy laughed and laughed. A bit further on I met a little dog who just couldn’t keep still, he was chasing the bigger dogs, but when they turned round to chase him he ran back to his people mommy and hid, then he was off again chasing another dog, he was very funny. There were dogs all over the place chasing balls and splashing in the sea. When I got to Uphill I tuned round and started the hop back, it had gone very cold and I wished I hadn’t hopped so far, by the time I got back into Weston it was dark but I got quite a surprise, the pier and big wheel were lit up, the lights on the pier changed colour, it all looked beautiful. I was very tired by now so headed for home.


Keep hopping

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