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Bunty goes to Goodwood and the New Forest

goodwood 022 Hello I have been on another adventure,
this time to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. There were lot’s and lots of cars of all sorts. Some were very old and some were called racing cars and they made ever such a loud roaring noise when the engines were started up. I think I liked the hippy AA van the best, it was covered all over with flowers. There were lot’s of little stalls to look at and lot’s of places to have a little rest, which was just as well because it was a very big place to hop around. I looked at all of the cars and listen to the music I was getting tired so I went to the hotel. The hotel was called The Crown and it was in a village called Lyndhurst. I have never stayed in a hotel before, I had to hop up a lot of steps to get to my room as it was on the first floor. My room had a very big bed with very big pillows and a little bathroom just for me, there was a kettle with little packets of tea and coffee and biscuits. When I looked out of the window I could see into a shop that had lots of things to do with Alice in Wonderland. Then I found out that in the church is the grave of Alice Liddell, who was the little girl who Lewis Carroll wrote about when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, although the name on the grave says Mrs. Reginald Hargreaves, because that was Alice’s name when she grew up and got married. I decided it would be nice to go and see if I could find the grave and when I did I was quite surprise, it only had a little plaque on the floor, but the grave was covered in red and white roses. I like Alice in Wonderland because it has a white rabbit in it, just like me. But I don’t run everywhere saying I am late.

I went into the forest and found the ponies, they are very beautiful but you are not allowed to feed them so I couldn’t share my carrots with them. They can only eat what they find in the forest because other food makes them poorly. They were busy eating their tea and taking naps so I didn’t bother them.

On my way home I hopped to Mudeford and had a little hop on the beach and down the quay where all the little birds were playing in the lobster pots and making a noise. They told me they liked it in the pot because there were little bit’s of fish and bugs to eat and sometimes the people who ate in the cafes threw them bits to eat.

I also hopped to see Salisbury cathedral, which is very big. My people brother has a tile on the roof here with his name on. When he was little and he had been on holiday with my people mommy and daddy they visited this cathedral on the way home and the roof was being repaired. If people wanted they could buy a tile and engrave their names on it and it was put on the roof. So people mommy and daddy had one done for my people brother. I went to have a look at the Magna Carta which was written a very long time ago in 1215 by King John and it is still used today to help make the laws.
Then it was time to hop home

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Keep Hopping
love Bunty

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Bunty goes to the Lord Mayor’s show

russgar 006 Hello I have been on another adventure, this time to the lord mayor’s show in Birmingham. I went to the station and the ticket machine took so long to count my money and give me my ticket I missed the train, so I sat down to wait for the next one, then there was an announcement to say that the train would be late because some naughty people had made a disruption. That means they were playing up that’s very naughty, it’s not nice for the people on the train and it’s not nice to make people late. When I got to the show there were little stalls selling sweets, pretty jewelry, bags and other stuff. In a big tent they were people reading bits form Shakespeare but the tent was full and I couldn’t get in. Then it started get very hot and started to rain so I hopped into the council house to have a look at the craft fare. The council house is very big and very pretty. It has a big staircase and very pretty ceilings, it must take the people who live there a very long time to dust. The craft fare had lot’s of nice things, sweets and candles, jewelry and pretty cards and a lady knitting with very big fat pins, but it all cost such a lot of money. When I came out it was even hotter and I was feeling very tired, then I spotted a dragon. I have never met a dragon so I hopped over to say hello, I did feel silly he wasn’t real. He was made out of bits of metal and when a little boy turned a handle he blew out bubbles instead of fire. It started to rain again and was still very hot so I decided to get on the train and come home because my fur was getting very wet.

Keep Hopping Love Bunty

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Bunty doesn’t go to the Chainmakers Festival

b 001nHello,
I should have been on an adventure today, I should have been hopping to The Chainmakers Festival, but the weather is too bad. Even the weather lady on the news said to stay in because there was going to be thunder and lighting. It started this morning, I was very scared at first, it went very dark, just like nighttime, then there was a big flash of light and a big bang. I thought the sky was going to fall down, my people mommy laughed at that and said who did I think I was Chicken licken. I didn’t know what she meant so I found the story. I am not that silly. My people mommy told me that the storm was just the hot and cold air high in the sky meeting that was making all the noise and that the lighting was the electricity crashing about. She also told me that when she was little her granddad told her it was the coalman dropping the coal in heaven. I didn’t know what coalman meant and she told me that when she was little people had real fires in their homes. These were built up in a grates using paper, wood and coal then lit. The coal was delivered by the coalman with a lorry. I am not scared of storms anymore.
Then the rain started and it rained and rained then it got very noisy and bit lumps of white fell out of the sky, people mommy said this was hail, frozen lumps of rainwater. It was all very exciting. It did stop and I did think I would be able to go out but it started again so I thought I would find something else to do instead. So I have made some biscuits. I am just waiting for them to cook.

What do you do on rainy days?

Keep hopping love Bunty

Chainmakers info

Chicken Licken story

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Bunty Goes to Hanbury

Hanbury walk 015 Hello.

I have been on a long hop called the Hanbury Circular Walk. I started my hop at a place called Jinney Ring Pond, the pond is part of a place called Jinney Ring Craft Centre, it has lots of little shops selling all sorts of pretty things. I didn’t buy anything because I didn’t want to take it on my hop.
First of all I had a chat to the ducks on the pond. Deffer duck told me that the hop I was going to do was a nice one and that he hoped I had my strong legs on because there was a very steep hill to hop up, I told him I would take my time and he laughed.


I started by hopping through a very pretty garden and into a big field and through a gate into another field which had lots of peas growing in it, I like peas we grow them at home. I then had to hop across a road being very careful to remember to look and listen for cars and lorries. I hopped up a little road and went through another gate and onto Hanbury grounds. I then hopped down a long line of Oak tree, I got a little scared here because there were a lot of bees swarming, They didn’t seem bothered about me, they all seemed very busy doing whatever it was they were doing, but I still hopped passed very quickly.

I then had to hop through some very long grass where some dogs were playing, they were having too much fun to stop and talk so I carried on into the grazing area. There were sheep in this field, lots of them and the babies kept wandering away and the mommy sheep had to keep bleating for them to come back. Sara told me she wished her babies would go to sleep as it was much to hot to keep running after them. I got a little lost on the next bit because I missed a little gate hidden behind some trees, but it didn’t take me long to workout that I had missed the gate, so I turned round and found the gate and was back on the right hop. This part was along a narrow track and under the trees which was nice as it was getting very hot, I hopped by a little pond and watched the dragonflies playing, they told me they were pleased the sun had come out at long last as they didn’t like the rain. I then came to another gate where I meet Libby the ladybird, she was enjoying the sunshine too. She told me she was taking a break because she had had a very busy morning helping the farmer. I asked her what she had been doing on the farm and she told me she worked in the fields eating all the greenfly, I think she was fibbing a little bit because I had seen the farmer spraying the fields, I do hope she didn’t eat the sprayed bugs get a tummy ache. Next I had to hop up Summer Hill, it wasn’t a very big hill and there was a little track to follow so I didn’t have to go through all the very long grass, then I hopped over a little bridge and went down onto the Birmingham and Worcester canal path.  I had to be very careful along here as part of the path had been washed away and the canal was coming onto the path, it was very slippy and a little bit scary. I hopped on and on being very quiet as there were mommy and baby ducks fast asleep on the banks and I didn’t want to wake them up. just in case the babies had been playing their mommies up like Sara’s babies had. Next it was another hop through fields until I came to Piper’s Hill.  Piper’s Hill is a very old woodland, some of the trees are 400 years old, that’s very old indeed and lots of wild life lives there. I didn’t have to go all the way through the woods, just a little way along the edge.  Then I came to the very steep hill up to St. Mary the Virgin Church. My little legs were hurting by the time I had got to the top. This church is called Hanbury church and the church on the hill as well. It has a very old grave yard. The inside of the church is very pretty and there is a memorial to Thomas Vernon who was a very kind man and did lots of nice things for the people who lived in the village. The memorial is a statue of him lying on a big seat with two ladies by the side of him, one is called learning and the other justice. Justice used to have little brass scales, but a very naught person took them, that’s very naughty you shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to you.

I then just had to hop down another big hill and back through the pea fields to Jinney’s pond and the hop was all finished. I was very hot and tired so I came home for a carrot and a nap.

Keep hopping love Bunty

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Deffer Ducks blog
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