Bunty goes to Pembridge

Pembridge 101 Hello, I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Pembridge, I stayed in the caravan on a little site that had a big pond with lot’s of ducks and swans and a very noisy goose.I met a very nice duck called Daisy, who told me I should visit some of the Black and White villages as they were very pretty. Pembridge is part of the Black and White Trail and is a mediaeval village, which means it is very old It has lots of very old houses which look like they are about to fall down, When I mentioned this to one of the ducks on site she laugh and said they have been standing there since the 15th century and they hadn’t fell down yet. It has a very old market hall which is just like a shed without any walls and that’s been there since 1239. There is a church which is very pretty, but the bells are not in the church they are in a little building next door to the church. You can go inside and have a look if you like. I did and when I was in there the bells struck the time, it was very loud.

I then hopped to another little village called Eardisland. I had a little hop along the river Arrow but it was very muddy so I didn’t hop far and went to have a look at the Millsteam and the dovecote. There’s a little shop in the bottom of the dovecote called a community shop which is Britain’s only general store in a dovecote and the local people take turns to open it up and serve in it, that sound like a lot of fun. I hopped upstairs to take a look at the local heritage centre, there were lot’s of things to do with the AA and the war. You can still see the little holes where the pigeons used to live, people used to encourage them to come and live in the dovecote because they used to eat them in a pie, it helped out in  wartime because there wasn’t a lot of food around. I then hopped to the Oldest AA telephone kiosk where there were more things to do with the AA. Next I hopped along some little lanes to take a look at the church and the Saxon Motte. The church has been there since the 13th century and was restored in 1864, (that means had work done on it because it was very old). It is pretty outside but I didn’t think it was very pretty inside.

I had a little hop around Weobley and a look at the church which is very big, but my little legs had started to get tired, so I hopped back to the van and had a chat with Daisy the duck. I told her all about my day, she asked me what I was going to do the next day and I said I wasn’t sure,  she told me I should go to the Small Breeds farm Park and Owl Centre.

The next day I took Daisy’s advice and went to see the animals, it was such fun. There are lot’s of owls from all around the world, a lot of them were awake and making lot’s of noise, in a cage in the middle of the owl garden were two red squirrels who were chasing each other around and around so fast I could hardly watch them. I tried to have a chat, but they were to busy playing.  There are three Owls that are not in the garden and you can stroke them, they are very friendly and like it when people pay them attention.

Next I looked at the donkeys, cows, miniature horses, pigs, baby goats, lot’s of other different goats and the pygmy goats who were having a great time running around and around and jumping on and of things. One was shouting look at me, look at me and jumping from a ledge onto a table, showing off a bit I think. He slipped and landed on his knees, then sat down and said I meant to do that, I don’t think he did really, it looked like it must have hurt. Then I hopped into a little room to look at the bunnies and guinea pigs. The bunnies were just about to take a nap and the guinea pigs were busy running around, I tried to have a chat but they told me they were far too busy to talk. I watched them for a while and all they seemed to be doing was running up and down. Perhaps they were busy doing exercise. I also saw chinchillas but they were asleep and chipmunks who were awake and wanted to chat. They told me that the high winds had brought a tree down which had crashed through the roof, none of the animals had been hurt but he and a few of his friends tried to get out to have an adventure, but the people who look after them soon rounded them up and put them back into their cage.  Then it was a hop around the pool to see all the waterfowl and a look at the pheasants, some of them were so pretty. I didn’t hop the woodland trail because it was very muddy, but next time I shall, I have to go back because I promised I would.

The next day it was time to come home, I had a lovely time and can’t wait to go back again.

Keep hopping

My photos

Pembridge info

Black and White Trail info

Eardisland info

Weobley info

small breeds info

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Bunty makes Hot Cross Buns

bunnybuns 007Hello, I have been baking, as it is nearly Easter I thought it would be nice to bake some Hot Cross Buns.
I needed
1lb Strong White Flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground mixed spice
¼ teaspoon grated nutmeg
2oz-60g sugar
1oz, (30g) of fresh yeast or ½oz active dry yeast
6 fl oz warm milk
1 beaten egg
6oz – 60g mixed fruit

2 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in 2 tablespoons of warm milk.

bunnybuns 001

Because I was using dried yeast I had to make it come alive by mixing it with a little of the warmed milk and a teaspoon of the sugar and leave it in a warm place to bubble. So if you are using dried yeast do this first.

Then I had to mix the flour and the spices together, the spices smelt lovely, then I had to rub in the butter until it went all crumbly. Then I added the sugar and gave it a good stir. (If you are using fresh yeast you now have to mix one teaspoon of the sugar into the yeast and the n mix in the milk). Next I had to mix the egg, milk and yeast into the flour and mix it all together.

bunnybuns 002
Next I had to put some flour on a board and tip the dough out and knead it, this means squeezing and pulling it until it is nice and smooth. This was lots of fun, then I had to pop it back into the bowl and cover it over with cling film and leave it in a warm place for 1 hour…
bunnybuns 003

…and it grows, look at how big it got. Next I had to pop the dough onto the board and knead in the fruit until it was all used up
bunnybuns 004

and make into a sausage shape then I cut it into 12 pieces and rolled them into cake shapes. I had to use a very shape knife to cut a cross shape into the top.  (Hot cross buns have icing crosses on them now but this is an old recipe and the crosses were made differently then).bunnybuns 005

I put them on a try and covered them again and again they had to be left this time for 25 minutes. So I lit the oven on gas mark 6 400 °f  200°c. After the 25 minutes the buns went into the oven for 18 minutes, then I had to paint them with the sugar and milk and put them back into the oven for 2 minutes. When the buns were cooked I left them to cool.
bunnybuns 006

They were yum

Keep hopping

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Bunty goes to The National Memorial Arboretum

NM Arboretuim 008 Hello I have been on another adventure this time to the National Memorial Arboretum. The arboretum is like a big park  full of  little gardens and big stones with writing on, these are to help people remember all the people who helped in the wars and special brave people who worked for the police and fire brigade and lot’s of things like that.  A lot of the ground was under water because of all the rain we have had, and some of it had turned to  very slippery ice, so I couldn’t see everything. I hopped around the dryer ones and then got on the land train which just went straight through the water and over the ice which made me a little bit scared when it made crunching noises. When the train takes you round a man tells you all about what the different memorials are for and why they had been built, it was very interesting. The train didn’t go to all of the memorials because it can only go on the road and a lot of the memorials are on grass, I  think I will have to go back on a nice dry day so that I can see them all. In one of the little gardens there is a tree called ‘The Anne Frank’s Tree’ it was named after a young girl who hid in a secret room during the second world war, she  wrote a diary about what it was like in the war and when she was killed it was made into a book. The tree has all its flowers cut off just before her birthday to signify how she died before she had chance to bloom, (that means to show how she didn’t have the chance to grow-up).

There is also a big wall in the shape of a circle cut in half with a little cut in half circle inside. There are lots of names on the stones and these are the names of people who have died in the wars. If you stand on one side of the outside circle and whisper the sound travels round the circle and people in the other half can hear you. The man on the train  told me to look for the crack in the wall because it is a very special place. At 11 ‘o’ clock on the 11th of November the sun shines through the crack and lights up the brass wreath in the center of the two circles, I think that would be very exciting to see.

It was a very cold day and my little paws had gone numb, so I decided to go home and have a nice warm drink and a carrot.


Keep hopping


national memorial info

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Bunty goes to Delamere

cakes 003Hello,

I have been on another adventure, this time to Delamere Forest. I met lots of other bunnies on the site. They told me they live in the forest with all the other animals and come to the site at night time to eat the grass and the seeds that the birds have left. People feed the birds and sometimes lots of people feed them and the birds can’t eat it all, so the bunnies get a treat.

I went on a train into Chester which is a walled city (that means a very long time ago it had a big wall all the way around). People called Romans built it. Parts of the wall are still up and you can hop around them, so I did. There is also a park called Grosvenor Park, my people mommy and daddy told me about the friendly squirrels that live there, so I thought it would be nice to visit them. When I got to the park a lot of it was fenced off, a man told me that they were giving it a facelift, I didn’t understand that, I didn’t know parks had faces. I hopped around the outside of the fences and found a few squirrels, they told me a lot of their friends had gone to find somewhere else to live, so I gave them the nuts I had brought for them and hopped into town. I had a look around the shops I have never seen shops like them before. There were a lot of shops on the street and then another row on the top of them, I liked the Christmas lights and the man making dogs out of sand, and the men playing Christmas songs, I even had a little dance.

I went for a hop in the forest and played in the leaves it was so much fun and then I hopped the Stick man trail, this fun too. On the trail were hidden objects to find and little poems to read, lot’s of information about trees and stick men hidden in the trees. There was also a pile of sticks to build with and you could pick up sticks and make a stick man of your own. I made one and left him in the forest so that he had some friends, do you think they have a party when everyone has gone home for their tea? I do. I think I will make some stick men for our garden.

Here are my photos

Keep Hopping

Delamere info
Grosvenor Park info
Chester info

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Bunty Trims the Tree

xmas13 010 Hello,
Oh I have had so much fun, I have been helping my people brother to decorate the Kitchen Christmas Tree. It has lots of twinkley purple globes and stars and three fairies. It also has lots of little bells that go tinkle-tinkle when you tap them. I wasn’t very good at putting the globes on they kept falling on the floor, my little paws couldn’t hold the string. I had to climb up the tree to put some of the decorations on and it was very high, I wanted to sit on the top like the fairy but I don’t think the fairy would have liked it if I had because that is her place. We have two masks for the tree too, they have feather and shiny stuff called sequins, I put one on and my people mommy said she thought I was supposed to be dressing the tree not myself, and people brother thought it was funny. I did get into a mess with the glitter stringy stuff and my people brother had to left me up to put it on the tree. It took us a long time to trim it but it looked lovely when we had finished.

Tonight I am going to dream about all the pretty things.


Keep Hopping

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Bunty Makes something nice.

bunty 007 Hello,
I wanted to do something nice for my people brother and I know he likes this chocolate. He calls it Christmas chocolate because my people mommy makes it at Christmas. So I decided to make some for him.

bunty 001 I needed chocolate, nuts and dried fruit

bunty 002First I had to break up the chocolate and put it in a bowl and put the bowl over a saucepan of hot water on the stove. You have to be very careful that the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

bunty 003While the chocolate was melting I had to put baking paper in a dish, it kept making me laugh because every time I put it in it popped out again.

bunty 004When the chocolate had melted I had to stir in the nuts and fruit.

bunty 005Then I had to pour all the chocolate into the dish and put it in the fridge

bunty 006When it was set I had to use the big knife to cut it up, you must be very careful when you use knifes


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Bunty Plays in the water at The warren

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